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by Misha Alsleben 9 months ago in cat

Sleepy Kitty Purr Purr Purr

Mau chasing the evasive red light

For some pets are just pets and for other's pets are apart of the family.

Our's have always been apart of our family. Like a 3rd and 4th child or just a 3rd.

With their cute furry faces and unconditional love they pair with their quirky and unique personalities pets are easily a wonderful life blessing.

I have had animals as long as I can remember . Growing up my mom often took in strays , we fed them , took care of vet care, fixed them and kept them throughout their lives or adopted them to responsible homes.

I never grew out of that . From my first cat daddy kitty to my childhood chow chow dog bubbles I have always had a pet in my life. I even at one time had a bearded dragon named Snickers .

After I moved out of my parent's house and started my own family, my fiancee and I got our own animals and also had a couple from before we met.

Our last and most recent to cross over the rainbow bridge was our hardest loss. He was a black cat named gigi after JiJi from my favorite childhood movie "Kiki's Delivery Service" . Gigi was there when our oldest daughter was born and was my husbands best friends. Acting more like a dog than a cat most of the time he was truly an amazing cat. Below are a few photos of him and the snarky but adorable cat he was named after.

Don't worry we have a happy ending and not everything is sad in this article and story of our love for our animals and their unconditional love for us.

Gigi and Our Family

His loss came as a surprise to us when one day his back legs quit working. He came home after spending the night with the emergency vet however they misdiagonosed him and he needed heart meds he never received we lost him shortly after. Leaving us adults heartbroken and my daughter confused.

I honestly didn't think we'd have another cat after him. His death hit us hard.

We quickly found that not having a furbaby in our lives wasn't for us. After 3 years we finally got a feral kitten from a litter that my fiancee's coworker saved after their mama was unfortnatly hit by a car.

It took us awhile to name her but we settled finally on Mau . Sweedish for soft and sweet. She is definitely so unique from home life to camping shes a surprising addition to our family.

Something that I havn't really shared alot is that I suffer from social anxiety. I have always had a cat to come home too to help ease the tension from the day.

She has helped keep me off anxiety medications that give me awful side effects from worsening migraines to shaking, my husband has another furry best friend and our kids have another pet to love.

First camping trip enjoying her harness next to her human daddy.

There's something almost magical about having a long ,hard or bad day and coming home and having a warm body curl up on you and purr while you pet their soft fur your worries melt away and you drift asleep.

Mau surprised us all , opened our hearts back up to love another animals and surprises us everyday with her personality.

Sometimes I feel like she has a little bit of every cat we have ever owned in her personality as well as some sparks of her own uniqueness.

Gigi use to fetch crumbled up papers and candy wrappers if you threw them.

We had another cat that lounged like no one was watching

and another that stretched out as far as he could.

Mau doesnt chase wrappers or papers but will fetch her toy fish or her pipecleaners in a heart beat

She falls asleep in the most uncomfortable looking positions while looking as though she herself is the most comfortable she can be.

Waiting for her bite of hamburger meat before taco seasoning is added.

She waits for me to get out of the bath to make sure I don't drown in that big body of water and is always waiting for her tiny taste of dinner.

She has brought so much love to us we will never be able to thank her for the happiness she brings but we do our best by spoiling her with toys , safe foods and all the catnip she can handle .

Mau lounging like a little human on the couch

Mau isn't just a cat shes our 3rd kid and we hope to provide her with the best life she can have since she provides us with the most love a cat can give.

From her cute meows in the morning to curling up next to us at bedtime shes always there and always loving us as much as we love her if not a little bit more.

The last of our two furbabies to pass over the rainbow bridge and the newest edition to our family Mau. From top then left to right- Mau- Gigi -Phantom

We are so incredibly thankful for the love shes brought into our lives just as all the previous paw prints who have touched our hearts and family.

Misha Alsleben
Misha Alsleben
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