Todi Cockatoo

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A 50 year old pet

Todi Cockatoo
Portrait of my Loving Pet

How can I describe the feeling I have for my beloved pet. I met her in a pet store in 1976. She lived at Mr. Friendly Pet Shop in South Bend, Indiana. She was not for sale as was the owner’s pet. She stood on a t- stand in the center of the store and greeting customers as they would enter the store. I would pet her as I walked by with my 4 year old daughter. As I watched the parrot’s eyes spark and she bounced on her perch. She would remember me every time I walked in the store. Some times she would shout “Hi there Love!” Cockatoos are noted to be good talkers and their clown like activity. I was so impressed with her and could not get her out of my mind.

Several years passed when Todi was put up for sale. She had plucked herself naked and was put in a restricted glass area. The owner told me that Todi needed a good home. I was tempted to obtain her but thought who would want a completely naked bird. The owner explained she got upset when another pet passed away named Love...the owners other pet. Then the pet store was sold and Todi disappeared so I figured I would never see her again.

Well in the Spring of 1980 I saw an ad in the South Bend Tribune that said “extremely tame cockatoo for sale with cage for $700. We called the ad only to find out the bird was Todi. I thought I have to go see her so around Easter we went to see the pet. The owners explained that they had dogs and Todi did not like the dogs. Todi stood there and bounced her head and said to me, “Hi,there Love!” My heart melted. She had grown back some of her feathers but seemed very healthy. I told them “We will take her home.” That day I knew I had done a very special thing in my life but did not realize how significant it really was. As we walked out the door I could hear the owner crying. I felt bad as I knew how it felt to give up a pet since I had owned many parakeets in my lifetime. I was 28 years old.

Fast forward a few years. We bought a pet store in Venice, Florida to escape the winters and named it Todi’s pets. We had the pet store over 10 years. During that time I got a divorce and I got custody of Todi as a pet. I could never let her go as I even took her to nursing homes and schools the entertain people with her antics. She would play dead and do somersaults etc.

I became a newlywed again and the way she ended up winning my new mate was by saying “Hi there, Love!”

Fast forward a few more years. We ended up in California. I am now 70 years old. I still have my beloved parrot Todi. Now I am worried that she will outlive me. Every morning I am greeted by her with her unconditional love. When we get her out of her cage to play when she wants back in her cage she shouts “Back” Parrots not only talk they know what they are saying when they speak. I am truly blessed to have such a loving pet in my forever pet.

Beverly Erickson
Beverly Erickson
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