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TikToking Cat: @cocopangpang

by Coco Pang Pang 8 months ago in social media

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TikTok - Welcome to Coco Pang Pang's page

Since June 6th 2020 my cat Coco Pang Pang made a TikTok account while the pandemic caused us to spend most of our time at home. We started the account to have fun and try out trendy challenges on TikTok. Her first video as about a trend called "Don't be ugly." The video starts by showing something around what you want to show, in our cause, Coco. Then the video captures Coco when the audio says "OH OMG!!!!" The video is supposed to show how Coco is not ugly while making others think she is cute in the video. We had 1669 views with 154 likes and 7 comments. I felt happy reading comments saying Coco is adorable, love it, aww, you are not ugly, and you are cute. With a great start on our first post, we decided to post videos of TikTok challenges every day. In only three days we reached 1000 followers, thousands of likes and comments. As the numbers were overwhelming, we tried out best make others laugh with great contents. During that time our favorite video was film which is called "Square Tape Challenge." This challenge is about making a square shape on the ground with tape. Then watching how Coco reacts to the square tape. As cats tend to sit in boxes and square spaces, the video is supposed to capture the cat sit inside the square tape pattern on the ground. As I was filming the video on TikTok, Coco was sitting outside the box during the intro part of the video. then all of a sudden Coco synchronized with the audio and moved towards the square tape at a perfect timing. I was surprized how she moved and sat perfectly in the square tape. It almost seemed unreal. This video had 556 thousand (556K) views, 44.2k likes and 350 comments. It was a surreal experience. I felt the love and affection of TikTokers viewing my video which made me want to make better contents every time I post. After a couple of weeks of TikToking we were able to laugh, enjoy and stay bright at our house. Coco was in a bright mood by my side to try out new things. She got active, healthier and started to pose towards the camera. Nowadays it seems like Coco wants to film more videos to post than me. We are still TikToking on a daily basis on a goal to make people smile. This is an introduction to our future stores I will share here. If you enjoyed it or wanted to check out more please visit @cocopangpang at TikTok. Hopefully it will make you smile and make your day a little bit more brighter.

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Coco Pang Pang
Coco Pang Pang
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Coco Pang Pang

Meow, Im Coco Pang Pang. Im a female Ragdoll born on July 5 2018 living in Toronto. I like to sleep and poop all day. Nice to meet you 🐈

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