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The story of Mona Indian green parrot

Mona was a wild India green parrot , One day, down a busy road chick had fallen from its nest.

By Emmanuel AndrewPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Mona was a wild bird, One day, down a busy road chick had fallen from its nest.

That's when Mr. Andrew, a kind-hearted man, spotted chick. He quickly realized that the chick was in trouble and took home with him. & feed him a food & take cake after his love he decided to keep that chick with him & his sister Evangeline who loves that chick so much & keep a name Mona

Mona was a little frightened at first, but she soon realized that Mr. Andrew & Evangeline was a gentle and loving persons.

Mona quickly became a favorite pet in the Andrew household. She was so friendly and affectionate with all the family members, and they all grew to love her. Mona would always greet the family when they came home, and she would often sit on their shoulders, chirping happily.

As time passed, Mona became a member of the family. She loved to spend time with everyone and was always eager to learn new things. Mr. Andrew was amazed by Mona's intelligence and her ability to understand what was being said to her. Mona was soon speaking and understanding simple commands.

One day, Mr. Andrew brought home another parrot, named Chiku. Mona and Chiku quickly became friends, and they would spend hours playing together. They would chase each other around the room, perch on opposite sides of their cage, and take naps together. Mona and Chiku were the best of friends, and they brought joy to everyone who saw them.

As the years passed, Mona and Chiku continued to be a cherished part of the Andrew family. They would welcome the family when they came home and would always be there to offer a cheerful chirp or a comforting cuddle. Mona was so affectionate to her owner, and she brought love and happiness to everyone she met.

As Mona and Chiku grew older, they began to learn how to fly. At first, their flying was a bit wobbly and unsteady, but with practice, they soon became graceful fliers. Mona and Chiku loved to fly around the house, swooping and soaring with joy.

One day, however, tragedy struck. Mona was flying near the ceiling fan and got her wing caught in the blades. The family was filled with sadness and fear as they tried to help Mona. With quick action, they were able to free Mona from the fan and nurse her back to health.

After a few days, Mona was back to her old self, flying and playing with Chiku once again. The family was overjoyed to have her back, and they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Mona had such a lovely attitude, and she was always eager to spend time with the family. She would even eat at the dining table with them, and she would often perch on the back of a chair to watch what was going on. Mona was so human-like in her behavior that the family often forgot that she was actually a parrot.

Despite her species, Mona had become the family's best friend. She was always there to offer comfort and bring a smile to their faces. Mona was a constant source of joy and happiness, and she brought the family closer together.

In the end, Mona's story shows that love and friendship can come from the most unexpected places. She was a wild bird, but she became a beloved pet and a cherished member of the family. Mona's love and affection for her owners will always be remembered, and she will always be remembered as one of the greatest friends the family has ever had.

In conclusion,

Mona's story is a testament to the power of kindness and love. she brought joy and happiness to the Andrew family. Mona and Chiku's friendship is a reminder that even the most unlikely of friends can come together to form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

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