The Pelican.

After the winds.

The Pelican.
A lone pelican.

The pelican in this story was spending the day floating on the water . I think it was looking for and hoping for some fish to come around it.

The pelican is by the name of Darcy. He was quite a likeable pelican. He spent his days by the jetty waiting and hoping for a free feed from any passing fishermen. They would usually give some of their catch to the pelicans such as Darcy.

But today of all days was not Darcy’s day! There were no fishermen and no free food. Also, the fish themselves appeared to have left the area. What was the Pelican called Darcy to do? The question was where could he get his webbed feet on some fish, any sort of fish would do for a feed?

Darcy the Pelican was still floating around on the waters near the jetty living in hope as the afternoon dragged on. Surely some fishermen would have mercy on him?

But it was not Darcy’s day or afternoon. There was still no fishermen or fish for that matter in his vicinity. What was a near starving Pelican to do? Then Darcy the Pelican had the great idea of maybe if he made a whole lot of motions with his webbed feet in the water around maybe some fish would come around him?

The afternoon turned into night and still no fish or fishermen to seen? Darcy could feel himself getting lighter and lighter as each second passed without food. If Darcy had a dream or even a hope at that moment it would be for a belly full of wonderful and glorious fish. All Darcy the Pelican needed was to find some fish so he eat them and finally be satisfied at long last. It had been a long day, afternoon and now night for the Pelican known as Darcy.

Then suddenly a light pierced the darkness that was seemingly eneveloping him. Would this light be the heralding of better times for him?

A fishead came flying towards Darcy’s beak , fresh fish at long last! Some unknown fishermen had mercy on the Pelican known as Darcy. Darcy gulped and I mean gulped the fresh fishead down. Darcy thought to himself ‘ fish had never ever tasted as fantastic as this precious morsel of a fresh fishead.’

Darcy didn’t know how he could ever begin to thank the late night fisherman who had real mercy upon the poor starving Pelican sitting in the waters beside the jetty. But thank him, Darcy really did want to! At times , all one can do in the very face of mercy from someone is to say thank you?

All of which goes to show the value of mercy and being merciful. Because you will not believe the outpouring of gratitude that can come your way. The fisherman in the story was not merciful for any form of reward or even a thank you. Rather, mercy when it comes from a heart of love , is a rather wonderous thing to see, grasp and even try to both emulate and understand? In the end, mercy triumphed for the Pelican known as Darcy .... when he least expected it to happen, in the eleventh hour, it was shown to him. In the end, because of the mercy of the fisherman Darcy the Pelican lived to fight another Day!

Mercy and merciful can be by some seen as weakness? Yet, one can and does really appreciate it when mercy is shown towards you or in this case to a wild Pelican by the name of Darcy. In the end, one cannot begin tomeasure the effect and effects and even the qualities of mercy and being or showing some form of being merciful?

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