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The Owl

The radiant bird on the guardrail, caught me off guard

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
The Owl

Photography is an art all within itself. I love to stop and snap pictures of things that are "out of the ordinary." On this special day, I was off to work on a beautiful cool country morning. Living in a small picturesque town where everyone knows everyone. A regular small town, USA.

I live down this long country road that I have driven down for half my life. You see rabbits, small birds, the occasional deer, even wild pheasant. The land itself was home to Native Americans hundreds of years ago. A small slow moving creek winds through the fields as a strong wind blows across the tops of the crops. In the late summer, the wheat fields turn to gold after the sun dries them out. Before that, it looks like a large beautiful meadow. Wild flowers grow out of the ditches and butterflies float between each.

The farmers in the area tend to their fields before summer and after the summer as it gets cooler. Plows run through and dig up the dirt blowing dust through the air, so you better have your window shut. You could have a mess on your hands.

My elderly grandfather lives in a small white modular home that he built on a piece of farm land. He was a farmer until his late teens when he married my grandmother, then moved up to the northern states for work. He has lived on this road for close to 20 years. I drive this road everyday.

On this particularly cool morning, I was on my way to work. Driving east down this country road I noticed a large bird sitting on the railing. It was large, grey, with ears that looked like horns. I figure with those ears, he could hear a mouse walking from 5 miles away. It was the biggest bird I have ever seen!

I took a second glance, Low and behold it's an owl. He was facing away from me when I drove up. I stopped and looked at him a moment without getting out. I then pulled my phone out and took a chance on him flying away. It was the early morning, so not many cars were out.

I stepped out onto the concrete road and turned toward the large bird. I walked around the front of the car and watched him for just a second. I got my phone up and ready when he turned his head all the way around.

I have never seen an owl this close to me before. So when he turned his head, it startled me. He was a beautiful bird. Majestic. You could tell that he was king of the trees. I wondered right then how old he was. You could tell he was an adult. This was no small bird.

I tried to get as close as I could to him without him flying off. I snapped a picture and he spread his wings, then took flight. His wingspan was breathtaking. He took a couple of flaps then just glided through the air, back down the road. I saw him land in the large ditch that runs along side the road.

I got back in my car and turned around. I followed him as much as I could, to get the perfect picture. You could tell he wasn't afraid, but he didn't want to be bothered. I looked at my phone and realized I did get this picture. Hesitantly, I turned around.

By that time, I was running late for work. I wanted to follow him some more, but I didn't have the time. I let him fly off into his world. I haven't seen him since, but that morning was a very special gift.


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Jasper Wolf

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