The Love of a Rescue Pitt Bull

by stacie johnsen 11 months ago in adoption

Rescuing Maverick

The Love of a Rescue Pitt Bull

Everyone scrolls through Facebook when they are bored or have nothing to do, and I am no different. I tend to scroll through Facebook to see what everyone is doing that I grew up with or to see what different family members are doing daily, because we can't always talk to each other.

One particular day I was scrolling through Facebook, reading all the little stories about pets and their owners, when I came across a post about pit bulls that were needing to be rescued. The first picture that I saw was of Maverick. The story about him was heart breaker, and the way he was treated.

Maverick was stolen from Louisiana and taken to Georgia to fight in a Pitt Bull ring and when they couldn't make him fight and so they shot him behind the ear and left him for dead. Eli's Rescue in Carthage, Texas was called and they flew to Georgia to get him and when they landed in Tyler at the airport, they posted a picture of him, and the fact that he needed a home. That was on Monday and on Tuesday, I was at Eli's Rescue to meet Maverick.

Of course the directions that I was given, I ended up lost and had to call them to get better directions. When I finally got there and talked to the owners, they explained that Maverick was really a sweet dog and that he needed someone who would be kind to him and not mean or mistreat him in anyway. I sat on the deck at Eli's Rescue and they went and got him and brought him to meet me. Just from looking at him, he was not what I was looking for, he was a sweet dog, but just not what I wanted.

Maverick took it upon himself to jump up in my lap, he laid his head on my chest and cried and whined, and I mean he literally cried, the front of my shirt was wet. When they tried to make him get down, he growled and I was informed that he never done that before. All I could do was cry, and hold on to him. When I was finally able to talk, I asked Maverick if he wanted to go, he jumped down out of my lap and ran to my car. I opened the door and he jumped in the drivers seat and I looked at him and told him to get in his seat, (the passenger seat). The passenger seat of my mustang is officially Mavericks unless someone rides with me and then he will sit in the backseat with his head between the seats, because he doesn't like anyone riding in his seat.

Maverick is my shadow, he goes everywhere with me, he sleeps with me and if I am just sitting still, he is in my lap. He has figured out that if we go to Starbucks that they will give him a Venti ice water and a puppuccino. It is funny to watch Maverick with his Starbucks because it's in this tiny cup and he half-way holds it and tries to eat it, so it usually ends up on his nose and me. He also loves to play fetch with tennis balls, it took me a while to get him to understand he has to bring it back so I can throw it again.

Maverick is a spoiled baby and we do everything together. The two of us have been through a lot and we both have separation anxiety, he will howl and howl until he sees me. I look for him constantly if he isn't with me. I believe that Maverick can sense my sadness and depression over a life altering event that has occurred recently.

I'm fortunate enough that my boss let's him come to work with me. He has learned to like people as long as there isn't anything in their hands that make him feel threatened, or something that threatens me. Maverick has changed my life as much as I have changed his, he will curl up with me where ever I am and he is always by my side. He likes his jammies and his blanket and but he gets really excited when I pick up his leash and he will jump around an bark and he makes this crazy little noise.

I guess he wasn't in the country very much because he stuck his nose in a hole in the ground one day. When I let him out and all I could hear was him yelping and howling in pain. When I got to him, this mamma coon was stuck on his face and she was clawing the snot out of him. And when I finally got her off of him, she had clawed his face, ears and ripped his lip. I got him in the house and in the tub and got him cleaned up and doctored. All I could do was cry because he was in pain and hurt. It took me some time to get him to calm down and relax and stay still so that I could get him to quit bleeding. Once I did he settled down and relaxed. I doctored him twice a day until everything healed and good as new. The strange thing is that where there should be scars, the hair grew back and its white instead of the blue gray color he is.

I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. In all honesty I don't know who rescued who!

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