The Great Escape

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An extract from the diary of Dr. Samuel Loomis, the turtle.

The Great Escape

Wednesday 4 November, Entry 454.

It's another gloomy day. The humans have emerged from their caves, wherever that may be, and have burst into our confines, stomping. They always seem to push a large white boulder wide open, letting in a glare of light from beyond it. I wonder where that light leads... I wonder if I'll ever get there.

Once they are in, they let in more sources of light. First from the north of the land, then from the south. Where do they gather these light sources? I must find out! Then, they hover over us for what seems like eons. Their faces perched up against the see-through wall; their glistening, menacing teeth out for all to see. They loom over us like gods. I suppose in many respects, they are our gods. They provide sustenaince daily and they seem to have acces to our sun god: provider of warmth and strength for us terrapins.

It is custom for us to worship the sun god every day you see. We must take the proper stance: back legs bent, front legs errect and our heads lifted high in admiration. We bask in his goodness, waiting to receive his strength, such that it can build up our weary bones. This is key for me if I am ever to find out what else is out there, beyond this glass cage.

Once our meditation time has come to the end, we commence the hourly forraging. Our home is surrounded by many rocks, beneath which we sometimes find gems that have settled from previous feeding. It is key we find these remaining sources of sustenance, especially now as the humans have limited feeding time to only once daily as opposed to twice.

The other turtle, which the humans call Loki perceives the digging to be a fun venture. But he is young and carefree, he doesn't understand that dare they ever forget to feed us, that is it. We will be done for. He is too trusting, too naive, too... annoying. Constantly, he gets in the way of my patch of food, eating as if his life doesn't depend on it. What a fool.

Little does he know I am biding my time. Come the hour today, the third day, when the humans service our abode, I will make my great escape from these confines for good. But I must keep up appearances, I must continue to practise the every day rituals so as to not bring up any suspicions. Truth is, I won't be able to take that young Loki with me. He is too distractable and doesn't understand that the real danger is coming, even these humans don't see it.

So, I am writing this entry lest someone find it one day and wonder where the great Loomis has disappeared to - don't fret! When you read this, I am not in trouble but in paradise. If you don't hear from me again, know that I have achieved my mission; I have found the source of light, I have found the new world and I am relishing in all its splendour.

There it is. The silence. The water pressure source has stopped, the sun god is no longer shining his bright light over us. The hour is imminent for the weekly servicing and my escape.

This is where my entry must end. Hopefully you won't have any more to read from me from here on out. I bid you farewell.


The female of the household puts on her bright, luminescent gloves getting ready for the biweekly tank clean. Her left hand is holding a Jacob's cracker box partially filled with water. She holds the box close to the tank ready for the transfer. With her right hand she reaches down into the tank and holds Loki by the shell.

"Stay calm Loki, don't resist!" Loomis thinks to himself. "They are simply settling us in our temporary abode. That's right son, just go without resistence."

Now, it's Loomis' turn. The hand reaches down ominously and grabs his shell. Loomis truly detests the feeling of the lift. His legs go stiff as he braces the ascend. As the owner lifts him from the primary residence, Loomis feels the rush of water trickle down his back and legs.

For the brief moment that Loomis is in the air, he relishes. The air tastes different when not in the tank; it tastes of victory, of freedom.

"If only she would drop me now," He thinks, "I would be gone before she could say 'revolution'."

Unfortunately, her aim is precise. Loomis is placed gently into the orange tank with Loki and instantly they can sense the limited space and density around them.

"There is barely enough space to relieve oneself in peace in here!" Loomis scoffs. "Such barbarians these humans. Enough is enough."

"Loki!" He exclaims, "come here so I can use you as my boost."

"Where are you going?" Loki replies confused.

"Away. Be a good turtle, and give these old bones a shell."

"Why would you want to leave Dr. Samuel Loomis? Don't you like it here with me? Don't you enjoy it when the humans give us warmth, food and love? Don't you want to grow old with me?"

"I am already old, Loki. My days here are numbered. I need to go out and find the truth about what is out there. I need to know more about this light source and if it can save our kind! There's a good lad, head under the flat of my shell. Use the strength from your young bones. That's it! "

Dr. Samuel Loomis thought to himself: "seems there is hope for that young one yet. I never thought he would be an accomplice to my plan."

With great effort Loki lifts Loomis up far enough for his claws to reach the edge of the tank. It took all of Loomis's strength to push himelf up and over the ledge. Their powers worked in unison and with a final hoist, he was free!

Loomis landed top first and caught himself with his front claws. This is it. This is all he had ever dreamed. The air tasted sweeter than ever, fresher than the first time he could remember tasting it, because he was finally out! He looked around, trying to focus. His heart was beating faster than it ever had before. But he couldn't stop here, he wouldn't.

Loomis scampered across the tiled hallway, leaving a trail of gleeful sploshes in his ample wake. He had no idea where he was headed, but he knew he was destined for greatness. Flashing before his eyes were images of himself finding a land more vast than he has ever known, flowing in rays of sunshine and warmth, and full of food to eat at his heart's content. He could feel it within his bones, he was so close!

Suddenly he heard a deep gasp. No! The male human has spotted him across the floor! The male's stomps draw closer and with all his might Loomis tries to run faster but he keeps slipping on this new surface. Where is water when you need it? Loomis would beat this human in water any day!

Before he could even reach the stairs, the male owner lifts Loomis up and looks him dead in the face.

"You need to stop doing this Loomis!" The human exclaims and gently puts him back into the temporary holding tank.

"You're back!" Loki states gleefully.

Thursday 5 November, Entry 455.

Seems those humans were one step ahead of me again... No matter. There are 13 days of darkness before the next service. Until then, I will bide my time once more. So help me god of sun, I will escape...

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