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The Cutest Guinea Pig Behaviours

Wait—is that the fridge door opening?

By Ashley L. PetersonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

I have four delightful guinea pigs (three girls and one boy) who totally rock my world. These are some of my favourite cute behaviours they have.

Feed me. I'm cute. :)

They know that food comes through the cage door. They think that if they look cute and stick their heads out as far as they can, they'll be more likely to get food. They'll jostle for position to be the one who gets her food half a second earlier than the others. They've totally got mama wrapped around their little toes, and it's hard to resist their cuteness. Wheeking is what they use to get mama to bring the food, but once they see me coming, they shift to their cute posing as their main strategy.

New food please!

New food is better food. They can have uneaten hay just sitting in the hay manager, but as soon as mama adds a handful of new hay (from the same bag), it's snack time! The same goes for water. If I remove their partially full water bottle, top it off with water, and put it back, straight away they'll all want a drink.

Noises of Interest

The happy trilling sound they make when they hear a noise that interests them. They seem to particularly like it when I cough or sniffle, although it doesn't always catch their attention. Sometimes it's totally random noises like the foghorn off in the distance. A noise they can't stand is the vacuum cleaner.

Is that plastic crinkling?

They know their plastic noises. Crinkling of the hay bag is of the lowest interest. Next up is the food pellets bag. The top tier is a tie between the treats bag and produce bags. Grocery bags confuse them because sometimes they're associated with getting veggies and other times they're just a piggy tease.


The baby of the bunch likes to jump up on top of the wooden hidey-house. Of the multiple guinea pigs I've had over the years, she's the only one to do this. This is the same baby who launched herself right off the edge of my bed the day I adopted her. She would also occasionally jump into the hay manger when she was little.

Staking Out Territory

They have their special spots, both in their cages and when cuddling with mama. Casper likes to be tucked under my chin. Oreo likes to give me kisses on the chin. Cookie likes to sit horizontally on my upper chest with her bum over my heart. Squeaky wants to look out the window. I can turn him all I want to face me, but he's just not into that.

A Bat Outta Hell

Casper (the baby) likes to run laps around the cage. I'm not talking a gentle stroll. I'm talking flying around like a bat outta hell. Luckily, she's got thick fur to cushion her going around the corners.

Affectionate Piggies

Guinea pigs are herd animals and all of mine have bonded well, but sometimes they'll also fall head over heels in love. Cookie dotted on her friend Sienna, who has since gone on to the rainbow bridge, and before that, Sienna was utterly devoted with her friend Chloe.

Funny Postures

See that little pink bit of foot? That is the bottom of Oreo's right foot that she's somehow managed to tuck under her and off to to the other side. Is this a guinea pig yoga pose?

Animals are truly amazing. They make wonderful companions who will accept you unconditionally. Besides the love, though, they can also bring some great amusement. No matter how bad things might be, my silly piggies can always make me smile.

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