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The Bird Which Revolves Around My House

by Roy soni about a year ago in bird
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One of the most underrated bird

Every morning at nine clocks. when I am getting ready in front of my mirror making sure that my hair looks great because of what a boy of 20 years wants. I hear a question from my grandmother. " see outside the window is there enough grain for pigeons on the front shelter ", she asks. It is a regular duty of mine to check as my grandmother can't see far away objects. My granny used to feed the pigeons wheat for many years. Many people in my neighborhood do this type of good deed. It is in our religion to feed the animals like cows, fish, and pigeons, etc.

More than 100 pigeons live near my house. This is weird because I live in a noisy environment. The noise of traffic is the constant one, and these pigeons live in the only 100 m area around my home. They don't go anywhere. These pigeons are here since I can remember.

The scientific name of this bird is Columbidae. There are 344 species of this bird found worldwide. unfortunately, 13 have been extinct. These birds build the nest from sticks, branches, etc. I have seen many nests and eggs while growing up. These birds lay one or two eggs at a time. The children of these birds are squabs. I have never seen a baby pigeon in my locality .

The fascinating thing about pigeons is, they produce milk known as crop milk. A crop (also called croup) is a part of the alimentary tract having a thin wall. Another interesting fact is that both parents produce crop milk for the squabs. This milk is yellowish and has more protein than cow's milk. The squabs will fly at five weeks of age.

Except for the dry regions of the Sahara, the Antarctic, and the Arctic, the bird is adaptable to all habitats. The bird will travel across vast oceans to reach its destination.

Pigeons based on their feed into two categories, such as grain eater and fruit eater. Their bodies on their feed preferences are different. For example, grain-eaters have thick walls in gizzards, intestines, and esophagi. whereas fruit eaters have thin walls.

Rock dove is a species that consists of a large number of this group. This species had a large natural distribution from Britain, Ireland to northern Africa, Europe, Central Asia, India, China, and Mongolia. The rock dove is also known as a rock pigeon, the one around my house.

One of my interactions with pigeons is in the morning. when I am sleeping. I hear knocking sounds on my window. There is no one other than pigeons who are trying to wake me. one-time pigeon burst himself on my window thinking it is open. the bird was fine, but this does not mean that the pigeon is a stupid bird. The pigeons were used in both World War I and II, by the Australian, French, German, American, and UK forces.

Cher Ami, a homing pigeon in World War I. Awarded with the Croix de Guerre Medal, by France. Oak Leaf Cluster for her service in Verdun. She managed to travel about 55 miles to deliver the message. that rescued 194 men of the Lost Battalion, in the Argonne battle. despite losing a leg. This wounded bird's commitment is so encouraging and inspiring.

For decades, these birds are the favorite pet among people. cher ami is an example that pigeons are trustworthy and reliable pets.

The speed of the pigeon is incredible. there are pigeon racing conducted over the world with the distance varying from 100 to 1000 km. We can call this bird a super bird. The pigeon used in this race is racing homers. Selective breeding improves the speed of their offspring.

One cannot even doubt their memory. it has proved that Pigeons can find their way home. even if released from a distant location blindfolded. They can navigate by sensing the earth’s magnetic fields, also by using sound and smell. They can also find their way based on the position of the sun.

I never imagined this innocent bird living near my house is so intelligent, inspirational, and extraordinary. Pigeons are one beautiful creation of mother nature. I hope you guys like my article on this beautiful bird.


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Roy soni

A boy who is trying to learn the art of writing. I love to read and write. Deep thinker, sensitive type of person. Love every form art

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