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Taste Bud Triumphs: The Chronicles of Claude & Ollie

Ditching the Kibble for a Dish Worth Wagging About

By Claude Monet CohenPublished 26 days ago 3 min read

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Top Story - November 2023

Dogs have always been more than pets; they’re family. From their evolution from wild wolves to the playful and loving canines we adore today, their journey with us has been nothing short of remarkable. Their loyalty and trustworthiness earned them food, shelter, and a permanent place in our hearts.

Take for instance, my Portuguese Water Dog, Claude. Did you know these dogs once played a crucial role in assisting fishermen? They were invaluable teammates and were treated as such, dining right alongside their human companions. Imagine that—a dog chowing down on fresh fish, rewarded for its hard work.

However, somewhere around the 1950s, our feeding dynamics changed. No longer did dogs feast alongside us. We moved away from tradition, processing our leftovers with high heat and pressure, creating what came to be known as "kibble." While convenient, this wasn't exactly a tribute to our long-shared history.

Enter Ollie: the modern homage to our past.

When I first came across Ollie—a fresh dog food brand that prioritized whole ingredients without the byproducts—I was intrigued. I've always wanted Claude's diet to reflect his rich heritage, in a contemporary way. But transitioning from kibble to Ollie? I was skeptical. Claude had a pretty set routine—our early morning runs, followed by a few hours of rest, and then his energetic park sessions with his pup-friends. But amidst all the fun, I couldn’t help but notice his digestive problems. His stools were frequently runny and irregular, which had me worried.

Switching to Ollie was an experiment, a leap of faith.

In the days that followed since switching to Ollie, the transformation was evident. Those digestive issues that followed after mealtime? Vanished. His energy was even more vibrant! Our morning jogs shifted, becoming less of a leisurely run and more of a marathon training session with Claude leading the way. An unexpected bonus was that a peculiar habit of his, rubbing his nose everywhere, stopped. I’d previously written this off as one of Claude’s quirky traits. But with its sudden absence, I realized it might've been an allergic reaction to something in the food I was previously feeding him.

What's incredible about this journey is that you don’t have to go all-in immediately. You can use fresh food as a supplement or a topper, gradually introducing your dog to a world of natural goodness. Ollie offers flexible plans, ensuring there’s something for every budget.

For those pondering a culinary switch for their furry friends, Ollie might just be the answer. And if Claude's wagging tail and renewed zest for life are anything to go by, it's a decision you won't regret. If you want to see positive changes in your dog, I definitely recommend giving Ollie a try. It makes me happy to know that I don’t have to go as extreme as feeding my pup fresh fish for dinner, but I definitely don’t have to settle for Kibble which evidently was hurting Claude’s stomach. I am lucky to have found and switched to a food that nourishes Claude and has helped make him feel his best.

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About the Creator

Claude Monet Cohen

Claude is a Portuguese Water Dog living with his parents in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Claude is the quintessential New Mexico dog—he loves to hike, camp, and spend as much time as possible outdoors.

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  • Lamar Wiggins26 days ago

    Thank you for sharing. I will definitely take a look at Ollie. We have been giving our dogs toppers for years, usually chicken rice and either green beans or peas. Slightly blender it up and store in the fridge. We are not nutritionists at all but know this has to be better for them. I’m interested in reading Ollie’s labels. Thank you again.

  • Hope Martin26 days ago

    Great ad article! This is a newbie question but... were you sponsored to write this? And if so how does one enter into that kind of writing? How does one get clients like this? Especially on vocal. I got a LOT of companies I'd like to represent!

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