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Service dogs part 1

by Alexe Robitaille about a year ago in dog
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Access issues

This is my service dog

Ever since the first service dogs appeared, the access issues became bigger and have changed their form. It is very important to know that the only places that can deny the access of these dogs are surgery rooms and ambulances. These places can deny it only because of security and hygiene. As for all the others: Grocery stores, restaurants, shopping mall, etc. they all have the obligation to accept that the disabled person can come with a service dogs.

Access issues have always been a problem for the disable community but with the dog, it comes times ten. Imagine not only a place is not adapted for your needs, the dog is there to help and make it easier but people don't want your dog here regardless of the laws or the fact that it will only help you. These dogs are trained with an extremely strict programm to make sure that they can behave safely in public spaces.

Of course, now that these service dogs can be useful for many reasons, unlike before when there were only guide dogs for blind people, it doesn't help. Ever since the community has expanded, people started to have fake service dogs. The fake ones are not trained to be safe in public but it's really hard to know the difference between the two right on. A good example can be the reaction towards other dogs. The fake service dogs will always react strongly towards another dog because they are not trained to simply ignore them. It is the same with humans. Service dogs are trained to not bark, bite, growl or go towards another human. These are the red flags that are easier to spot.

For me, the places that are not adapted and the most closed minded are the restaurants. My dog is quite big she weights 85 pounds and arrives at my hip (I'm 5'4 or 164 cm) so she takes a lot of space obviously. The restaurants often have their tables close which makes it harder. Also, the employees are not informed to the fact that these dogs are not even curious towards human food. There is also issues because of the fur. It is very rare that animal fur flies so high that it will go in the plate.

An advice I can give you is that if you see someone with a real service dog having problems with someone because of the dog, stand up for them. You will never get in trouble and the person will appreciate it so much. A fight is always easier when it's not fought alone.


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Alexe Robitaille

Service dog/Autism/Disability/LGBTQ+ and more Awareness

I'm a 22 years old woman from Canada.


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