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Royal Robes

by A. Yvonne Magnuson 7 months ago in horse
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Such Fine Ponies

Dame Paintbrush

Behold the regalness of her Ladyship, Dame Paintbrush!

No seriously, she may be under three feet tall at the shoulder but this little gal was large and in charge out at the farm. She ruled her domain well and fairly (though she could always be bribed with some good food), so when it came time provide her Ladyship with new robes nothing short of befitting royalty would do.

The costume pictured here is sadly incomplete, as her Ladyship, after 18 years of rule, fell ill and entered the pearly gates of Heaven before it could be completed.

For you see she wasn’t simply a Lady in name. No sir!

She carried the title of Dame because she was her own kingdom’s best knight and protector, fighting off both wild dogs and coyotes alike with nary a scratch to be found on her noble hide!

As such her regalia would have been complete with a handsome set of leather armor, but alas only the faceplate was completed before her passing.

She will be sorely missed by her subjects and all who held her dear for truly there was never a pony as accomplished as she. Be it children, or grandparents, handicapped or no; jumping, driving, logging, racing, or training the youngins she did it all and did it well.

Now Lady Peaches is now the boss, Old Dame Paint’s apprentice.

She is young and has much still to learn,

and is more flighty to be sure

But sweet and good natured is she!

Were Dame Paint would charge into danger Lady Peaches would much rather flee.

The only mean streak she’s shown is if she does not have her meal by three!

But for all of her grace and her charm she has one major flaw,

she’s a terrible klutz who is likely to fall.

She can’t make a turn to the right or to the left.

If she has any speed at all she loses all intent.

Her antics make us laugh in fact just last time,

she dug her head into the sand and still her feet just fly!

Still, she tries her best, it’s all that she can do.

We love her for it dearly, and she knows our love is true.

Last on our list is Squire Pebbles, who joined our merry band in October from a faraway land at the tender age of six months old. Though she was born with a pumpkin colored coat it has since turned silver and grey. She is still yet too young to have any robes of her own and is under the constant tutelage of Lady Peaches, and for a short while Dame Paint.

In due time she will learn to jump, drive, and all other manner of things just like the brave ponies before her, but for now her largest concern is her nap and her meals, as it should be.

There have been several other costumes and horses that have crossed our pasture over the years but these three are the ones most precious to us. They are also the ponies I plan on basing my current and future children’s stories on (one of them is already up; you can find it under the title of Old Paint and Little Peaches). And, while my Paint has indeed passed on I am happy that she will live on in my stories.

As a side note I do plan on updating the children’s stories as I go along with illustrations as I get the time to do them. As much as I would like for writing to be my full time job, it doesn’t pay the ponies’ bills so I must continue to work to give them the life they deserve!


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