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My Four Leggett Love

By MyaSherrePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Riley( Mom was having work done on the house so I had to be chained but me and mom played fetch )

You know I contemplated entering the Life Unleashed challenge mainly because I honestly did not know what to say. Riley is my pup who I never knew I needed. So much was going on with me around that time. I had just moved out on my own, dealing with some emotional baggage and I had just lost my sweet fur baby Bella who I had since she was a baby. Sometimes I think me and her meeting was some kinda fate. When I first saw her she was just some nameless dog that was follow my older brother and cousin around she was so cute but I couldn't take her in.

I wasn't emotionally ready and at the time I couldn't financially to take on a new pup but I would go out and feed her every once in a while. They treated her so bad I wished she runoff in hopes that she would find a better home they tried to dump her once but somehow she'd find her way back. My cousin would kick her down the stair and leave her changed up in the abandoned house next to me.

One day it was rainy and cold out and I'm in my room either listening to music or watching television I don't remember but I keep hearing this noise it took me awhile to stick my head out the window to find out what was going on but when I did it was her. Chained up on the other side of my fence next door in the rain. Her big sad brown eyes looking back at me I could not take it anymore I went out in the pouring rain to go get her and she's been my beautiful fur baby and we've been making new memories ever since.

I remember the first night she slept upstairs, I hadn't introduced her to any foods other than her dry dog food but that day she had a field day of delicious human food. I was studying for an exam and really didn't have anything in the house for me to eat. So, I asked my older sister would she bring me back a large pepperoni pizza when I got it I was so ready. At this time Riley wasn't big enough to jump on the bed so I wasn't too worried about her getting to it after I sat it down on my bed but I has to go run next door to my parents how for a few so I sat my laptop and textbooks on top of my box of pizza just to be sure. When I came back my laptop and textbooks were still neatly stacked while my pizza was completely devoured. I was still hungry but I'm glad she enjoyed her meal.

But, Riley has given me more than just memories and has helped me out more than anybody could actually imagine. There have been times in my life where I felt just stuck in the darkness with no end in sight. Struggling day in and day out just barely keeping it together holding on to the tiniest piece of string mentally praying that it doesn't break and somehow Riley would be there. She could never be just a mere pet to me she has done way too much for that.

Riley is my "I'm too depressed to even move but without me, Riley doesn't eat", She's my "I don't feel like anybody will ever love me, my disability is the reason" But I get all the love in the world from her and she probably doesn't even see it. She's my "This day is so boring there's nothing to do, Get out of bed mom I'll play with you" and she's my "I heard a really loud noise from outside in the dark so now I'm scared, don't worry mom I'll come sleep up stair". Riley has given me more than just memories, she's given me hope, love, and courage when I needed it the most.


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