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Gift Ideas for the service animal handler in your life

By Paige Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

Service Animal handlers are always looking for new items for themselves or their furry medical equipment. Some people who know a service animal handler might not know what to give them for birthdays, holidays etc. Here's a list of 10 gift ideas. This list includes items for both service dogs and miniature horses. The only Service animals allowed in the United States.

1. Turnout Blanket

Mini Horses need turnout time like any regular size horse when they are not in their stall or working. This blanket is perfect for the mini horses and their handlers if they live somewhere with cold winters. It's important for mini horses to get outisde time to graze and enjoy the outdoors. This coat will keep them comfortable. It could also be used underneath a vest or harness.

2. treat bag

Service animal handlers are always looking for new ways to carry their treats and other important training items. This small but roomy treat bag can carry more then just treats, poop bags, phone and any other things they might need on hand. While out in the community.

3. Jolly Ball for mini horse

Jollyball makes many great toys for both dogs and horses. Jollyballs are a great toy to entertain and give your friend's mini horse something to play with outside.

4. Traffic leash

Traffic leashes are great for better and closer control of the service animal. They are inexpensive and helpful for certain situations and easier then a normal longer leash.

5. Bissell spot clean portable carpet cleaner.

Service animal handlers often travel with their service animal and occasionally need to clean up after them if accidents happen. (They arent robots they are well trained animals still prone to accidents.)

This portable carpet cleaner is great for hotel stays in case of any accident.

6. Service dog decal for home

This decal is great for if there is someone visiting and they can be made aware that a service dog is present on the premisies and might not be vested. There are also signs avaliable to use for hotels, air bnbs, etc which can be found Here.

7. ADA Law Cards

Service dog handlers often struggle with Public access issues with their service animal. There is no actual cetfication or registration, All websites that offer things like that are all fake and cause issues for real service dog handler teams.

Service dog handlers like having ADA Law cards. (Americans with Disabilities Act.) These cards list out the federal laws regarding Service animals in public spaces.

8. Portable Pet Mat

Service dog handlers don't always want their dogs to lay on the hard and dirty ground. So some handlers would love a foldable, portable mat for their service dog so they can be comfortable and clean. It makes the handler feel better knowing that their lifeline is comfortable while out and about.

9. Mini horse boots

Like service dogs's paws. Mini horses hooves need protection when working in the rain, snow, etc. It protects their feet from debris such as dirt, glass or gum. It gives the handler peace of mind knowing their horse's hooves are protected.

10. Hands free leash

Lots of service animal handlers like using hands free leashes so they don't have to always hold their service animals leash. This also has a compartment for treats or poop bags, Hands free leashes like this are very helpful and easy to use.

Having a service animal is very hard and not fun as people think. Being a service animal handler is a lot of work. However these items can help make their lives a little easier.


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