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Omar's Diary 22nd September 2017

The Servants get a new car, I refuse to have my picture taken and what will win The Ayr Gold Cup tomorrow?

By Alan RussellPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

My goodness. How time has passed by since I introduced myself nearly a month ago.

Man Servant, without any consultation with myself, has now acquired a new car which is now parked outside Omar Towers. It is not ‘new’ in the sense of coming straight from the factory but ‘new’ to him and he is very proud of it. From what I can see from my vantage point on the drawing room windowsill, it is a red cabriolet model of foreign design. As our end-of-summer weather has been so mild lately, he has been able to enjoy the full experience of driving with the roof down. I am not so sure that Lady Servant shares his enthusiasm for this style of motoring. Why, even this evening as they were both going out to get some Kibble for us felines, I distinctly heard Lady Servant tell him she was not going out unless the roof was up. From his point of view, it was a dry and sunny evening. From her point of view, it was getting dark and chilly. Her expression of disfavor won the argument, and they drove off with the roof up.

No doubt I will be exposed to this new car one day when I have to visit my private doctor for my annual check-up. I just hope he has the roof up and the heating on for that journey.

This evening is one of the few evenings in the Servants' somewhat hectic lives that they have been able to stay at home.

Lady Servant spent the evening reading her latest edition of "Horse and Hound" while Man Servant said he was going to read "The New European" in another room. I was with Man Servant and although he has told Lady Servant that his paper was interesting, I actually know that he fell asleep for nearly an hour with it lying open on his lap. I think Horse and Hound was more interesting for Lady Servant as she didn’t sleep at all while reading it.

While he was sleeping, I did have a quick look at the page; it was open at the letters page which had pictures of felines and canines posed with copies of the newspaper. How degrading is that? Not so much for the canines, but for the felines. Still, as Andy Warhol said, "Everyone is entitled to their fifteen minutes of fame." Man Servant did attempt to take my picture for this publication, but I flatly refused to cooperate. His last words on the subject were, "Never work with animals or children". Convince me your new car is comfortable, and I might cooperate next time.

I had to give in to Man Servant’s passion for horse-racing, and allowed him a few words on the subject.

As the British summer draws to a close, so too does the flat racing season on the turf. This Saturday sees the running of the last really big and competitive handicap of the season in the form of The Ayr Gold Cup which is run over three quarters of a mile and is worth £124,500 to the winning horse. That is a lot of kibble! There are 25 declared runners at the time this diary was prepared, and here are Man Servant’s selections:

Johnny Barnes @ 12/1

Ice Age @ 10/1

Shanghai Glory @ 8/1

I am not sure if he has been scientific in his choices or has just used a pin. Whatever method he has used is more dignified and much more hygienic than the slightly more successful litter tray method which I will explain in just over a week for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe at Chantilly on 1st October.


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