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My Best Friend

By Rose HeartPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

This sweet little grey haired beauty name is Nimbus. She is my baby, my shadow, my sidekick, and my best friend.

How I came to acquire my baby is a very interesting story.

Back about four or five years ago, a friend of mine whom I went to church with at the time was going to visit her father the next province over.

She asked me if I would stay at her house and take care of her dog and three cats.

I love animals and of course I already was familiar with the dog from previous church related visits, so I said I would do it for her.

So when I got there she gave me the lowdown on what and when to feed the animals and had mentioned that the grey cat Nimbus had been gone for three days outside and to just be watching for her and let her in if she came back.

About six hours after they had left, I hear a cat cry coming from the other side of the door, so I opened the door, and in comes the most gorgeous looking grey cat which I assumed was Nimbus, and it was because I had seen her before from previous visits.

That night when I had went to bed, I was getting comfortable and about an hour later I feel one of the cats jump on the bed and hear it trilling. I was curious to know which cat it was, so I turned on the light and it was Nimbus, and I had looked over at her and said, "Well, hello Nimbus, what are you doing?"

She then crawled on my chest and laid down as if to say, "Okay you are my person now," and I was in love. I recognized that she had chosen me and I knew she was meant to be my cat. I didn't know how exactly but I HAD to have her. She clearly was a very affectionate cat.

So every night during that week she would sleep on or beside me on the bed, when the dog wasn't on, and we continued to bond.

After my friend and her husband came back, I had Mom pick me up and I went home, sad that I could not spend more time with the animals, especially Nimbus.

A couple of months later, my friend had announced that she was going to move in with her father temporarily while she was taking time off work for medical treatment because she had cancer at the time. So my mom and I offered to help her pack, and she had said I could have her bed, since she could not take it with her because it was a king, and I needed a new bed anyways and it was so... comfortable.

She then started talking about how she could not take all the animals with her, though she was going to take Charlie, (the dog) and had a home for the two orange males, but still had not found a home for Nimbus, at which point I volunteered to take care of Nimbus while she was gone, because the original plan was that I would take care of her until she moved back, but also said she might not take her back.

We already had a black and white adult male cat, and we had recently gotten two kittens, but we had found another home for them because they just were not a good fit for our family. For some reason, neither one of them wanted to cuddle with me. So we ended up getting Nimbus at a good time. Otherwise we would not have been able to take her.

So the night came and we picked up Nimbus from the house, and boy was she upset, but that same night we had to take the other two cats to see their potential new home, so we put Nimbus in my room and closed the door and spent nearly an hour chasing down the two kittens to put in the cat carrier.

When we brought them in, they meshed really well with the young couple who were interested in them so we all mutually decided to leave the kittens with them. This was a little sad for me because I love cats, but at the same time I knew I had the perfect cat waiting for me in my room at home.

So we get home and I go in my room and I cannot see Nimbus anywhere. I looked in the big corner at the back of my room and she was just tucked away in the corner looking all sad and dejected, so I picked her up gently and laid on my bed and put her on the bed right beside me, and she did not leave my side the entire night.

For the first four or five months she was too afraid to leave my room, but now she roams around like she owns the place. And she is now an indoor cat, since we have had bad luck losing any outdoor cat we had. She has gotten out a couple of times but never went too far for too long.

I am amazed on how I got her. She chose me before I chose her.

I honestly think she is the perfect cat for me, she likes to snuggle, (on her terms) and she is so docile that she does not bite or scratch even when I am squeezing her half to death LOL.


About the Creator

Rose Heart

I am into gaming, tech, and music, but I look forward to writing g about other stuff too. I live in canada, and I am ready to make friends with like minded people.

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