My Live-In Therapy Dog

by Sarah Villanueva 2 years ago in therapy

Woman's Best Friend

My Live-In Therapy Dog

I work in retail and sometimes I feel more like a punching bag than a person. As I drive up to my house after work, I see a little head with tall ears, looking out the front window. As I open the garage, park the car and open the door. I almost trip walking in the house. I look down and see these big round eyes staring back at me and a tail going a thousand miles per hour. "Hey mama, mama, mama, you're back!" I imagine hearing my dog saying. I love coming home to that face. He takes my mind off all the troubles of the day.

I can't even put my stuff down without being tackled by him. His name is Bullet. He lives up to his name. He bounces from wall to wall just to get my attention. When I finally get to sit down, he can't hep himself to kisses and jumping all over me. Sometimes I get annoyed but I admit, I love it. He loves me unconditionally and there are no strings. He doesn't yell at me, make comments or give me evil stares. I can talk and talk, and he just listens to me like a best friend with no judgments would. He just wants unlimited cuddles. Even as I write this, he is on my lap pushing the computer away so I can pay attention to him.

Bullet is four years old. He is half Yorkie, half Papillon. He has such a personality. Everywhere I walk, he follows, like my little shadow. He even grunts back when I'm trying to have a conversation with him. Sometimes I rather spend time with animals than humans. Less drama and noise. When people say dogs aren't smart, don't believe them. It's all how you train and raise him. You say "where's your mama?" He looks at me. You say, "go get a toy." He runs and grabs the first one he sees. Like any other dog, he loves to jump for treats and jolt your arm so you can pet him. Dogs aim to please.

Bullet is my best friend and therapy dog. When I am not working, I am watching over my father who has early on-set dementia. Bullet keeps me company and calm. He even knows when to give me hugs. From a stressful or sad day, I just have to see him, and my troubles subside. Bullet is my dad's therapy too. My dad never really liked animals and we never were allowed to have animals growing up. My dad lives with my husband and I. My husband is a complete animal lover, down to stopping on the side of the road to save an animal even if it makes him late to work. So of course, we have them.

Sometimes, my dad gets annoyed with Bullet. Like when he is by him when he is eating. Bullet usually sits underneath him from under the table. He knows my dad drops a lot of food so he always waits until he is done to clean up. My dad also gets annoyed with Bullet being in his room when he is in there so he kicks him out and closes he door. We really don't know why and my dad can't seem to give us one. Bullet doesn't give up though. He continues to love on my dad when he can. When my dad is sitting on the couch, Bullet always goes to him and lays on his chest, and my dad doesn't mind that. Especially when we say that's his grandchild, my dad gets a big smile on. My dad really likes to throw the ball for Bullet and that keeps both of them preoccupied for a hot minute. My dad still remembers Bullet's name and calls for him. I think this will help him as things progress.

I didn't realize how much animals can help us forget. Help us heal. Help us connect with our child side. If you have a pet, even if it's a cat, appreciate them. They do more than they realize. More than we realize.

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