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My Little Man

by Ahowan ICrow 4 months ago in dog

The 150,000 mile Iron Pony Daymon

One day I receive a call during my lunch hour. Being the owner-operator of a K-9 Bed & Breakfast and Doggie Daycare which paid for the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of domestic animals, there was not a lot of 'personal time.'

"There's this little puppy, not more than 4 months old, has these huge ears and the moment I saw him, I thought of you. This is your dog, I just know this is your dog," said my friend Ginger.

My reply, "I have seven dogs & cats now! I cannot possibly take another in. My husband will divorce me!" The moment those words came out of my mouth, I heard what I was saying, "Wait, I have already asked for a divorce! Half these are his." The reply, "I know this is your dog. He has you written all over him. I already told the Dog Warden this pup is yours and you will be calling. I would head there right now."

Well, being a business owner with about 20-30 dogs counting on me at the 'Dog House,' My response was, "I do not have the time right now." Ginger insists saying, "I can see if they will allow me to call in his adoption fee for you right now. I know he is yours."

From the two years Ginger and I have been working together when she knows, she knows. "I will make a few phone calls to inquire if anyone is willing to go to the shelter for me if the Dog Warden will allow me to do the adoption over the phone."

The Animal Shelter agreed and before I knew it there was this terrified 4-month-old Chiweenie in my office with my sister somehow using the leash to get this thrashing brown-black, big-eared Chiweenee through the door. As soon as we get it closed, I instruct her to drop the leash.

What I know from the Dog Warden is this little guy was trap[ed in an alley. They had to trap him because he is totally frightened. All we can access is he must have been abused in some way because a hand or foot comes near, he losses all control of his bodily functions, squeals, and bites furiously. So, here I am with 20-30 dogkids turned loose just outside this office door all wondering who the 'new kid' is. I cannot touch him. He has a leash attached to him, but I do not want his first experience with me to be a challenge.

Leaving the leash on, knowing I am right here to intervene if necessary, I step out to calm and confine a few of the dogkids. Wow, what a surprise. This adorable little Chiweenie went running out becoming an entertaining hit! and when he ran into the bush to play hide-n-seek, the leash slipped right off.

Even more remarkable, as this pup watched all the other dogs go flying into their crates for quiet time before dinner. Well, he went peacefully like he had been here all along.

Now, the DogHouse had a full and complete schedule. It does not take long for most dogs to learn it, including this little 4-month old Chihuahua, who does not have a name yet.

The schedule includes one-on-one time with each dog in my care. Each dog is brought in one at a time for a looksie over, a cuddle, a brushing, a toenail trim, or whatever may be necessary.

This lil'chihuahua would come in at some point with one of the other dogs. He got to witness me loving one on one with the other dogs, them enjoying it, and with nothing 'bad' happening.

Attempts were made to give him a stroke as he got close and curious to see what is happening. At first, he would do his typical screech, snap, and defecate. After a week, the snapping stopped. After two weeks, the defecating stopped. After three weeks, most of the screeching stopped. However, there has been no actual touch yet.

I decided not to lock up the little man during the "my dogs only time." He joined us by following my other 'dogkids.' He was so curious to see them climb and lay on me.

Before I knew it he was following them up by me, laying by me. But the moment it felt like a hand or leg would move, there was the squeal, runoff, and defecation.

By the third week, this little man actually began laying on my lap! But don't dare try to move or pet!

Then surprise! He is laying on my lap surrounded by my dogkids. I am not thinking. It was pure habit. I was stroking the dogkids on either side of me, and my hand just glided over to him.

It was the silkiest, soft fur, just like velvet. I realized what was happening when he lifted his head up to look at me. He did not move! I saw a twinkling in his eyes as I stroked again asking, "Is this okay little man? It must be, you're not moving." He laid his head back down on my lap. At that very moment I knew without a doubt, he was mine. He is not going anywhere, and his name is Daymon.

I grew up with dirt bikes and have known for a while there is a long motorcycle trip on the horizon. He will need to be able to go with me.

First came making sure he would be just as comfortable as he is in his crate. Getting in was a piece of cake and he laid right down. Next came the fact that the crate was going to move. When I went to look his eyes were as big as softballs! I could hear him saying, "This crate moves!" Needless to say, we practiced this till his eyes got normal.

After Daymon got relaxed with the movement of the crate, I began starting the engine. That did not even phase him. However, I will never forget the jump and shuffle I felt him do when I reved the engine and took off.

Rolling down the gravel drive making a right turn onto the country road, Daymon makes a shift in the crate mid-turn. My 'dirtbike' training kicked in...I hit the accelerator spoke the words "Lay Down." Daymon responded. We rode for an hour stopping twice at a couple of nearby parks to allow him to get out, walk around, accept water and treats, and see how he would respond to getting back on.

On the second stop, I started the engine before putting him in the crate, just to see what he would do. Bless his little heart, he did all he could to get on that Iron Pony by himself! This Little Man Daymon was BORN TO RIDE!

I have created an Iron Pony monster named Daymon. It was not long the K-9 rescue and doggie daycare sells. We take off traveling 50 states in 52 weeks. We go again for the lower 48, and we kept going.

One day, Daymon began squealing in his crate. I pull over because it is so unusual for him. He climbs onto my chest getting out of the crate, begins licking me. This takes me by surprise until I notice I am beginning to feel dizzy. I sit on the seat while Daymon continues to lick and shove his head up against my face, like a little hug.

This lasts for several minutes until my dizziness is over. I recognize what's happening from being diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia in India. This little man Daymon just detected it and made me pullover! Thank you Daymon!! For both of us!

You bet he got a really good treat when we stopped for the night! And Daymon becomes my Iron Pony Service Dog. We have ridden over 150,000 miles together across the US on 4 motorcycles since 2011! There is one thing absolutely, positively sure... There is no way I could have done it without him, nor would I have wanted to.

Daymon is 15, has earned his road name "Pator," and when a motorcycle starts up, he comes running, ready to ride. The cool thing is, wherever my Iron Pony is, that is where you will find him.


Ahowan ICrow


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