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My Bell

A Story of Lost Love That Was Found Again... A Dog is a Girl's Best Friend.

By Heather LeighPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

My heart... my soul... my Kinobe.

My beautiful, loving Pharaoh hound and husky mix was dying. Only six years old and he had kidney failure. There was nothing the vet could do. He had stopped eating and couldn't even keep water down anymore. My tears were never ending as my roommate carried him into the vet's office to let him peacefully slip away. As they were injecting him I just held his face, apologizing over and over. Gave his beautiful face a thousand goodbye kisses. Stared into his golden eyes one last time. We had a connection that I'd never had with any human or animal before. I had rescued him from the local humane Society when he was a puppy, but really, he had rescued me in the long run... Fast forward through the past year and a half, I tried searching for something to repair the giant hole in my heart. There was nothing. No ordinary dog could ever replace him. In every shelter, I searched for a familiar face. Hoping that maybe he was really just lost and I'd find him again. I had reached the denial stage of grief. I figured adding a new dog to the household would help distract me from the loss. Nothing seemed to work out so far. Every possible trail was usually a dead end. I decided to just give up. I'd never find anything like my boy ever again.

Enter Bell... a spunky, smiling, gray and white pit bull. I was asked to pet sit by a coworker as a trial run to see how she fit into my current, small, yappy trio of dogs and my large bear of a Pyrenees, but they didn't seem to care for her energy. He needed to find her a new home since he had two jobs and young child. I never thought it would work out due to my crazy pack not accepting any new dogs. Something about her though wouldn't let me let her go back to her original owner. She seemed to have this way of looking into my soul, I started to get attached. I was going through a really rough bout of depression and severe anxiety and ended up taking time off of work. I thought sitting at home would get boring and make me worse. Bell pushed her way into my bubble when I just wanted to be left alone. She tended to me when I was in tears and couldn't move from the couch. I was in pain and she was trying to heal me by giving me an endless amount of puppy kisses. Washing my feet sometimes and making me laugh because it tickled.

I started noticing little things she would do that felt familiar. She stole every plastic bottle she could find and destroy it. Kinobe loved plastic bottles. She always curled up in the bend of my knees when I laid down at night. That was Kinobe's spot once. She once destroyed a couch cushion out of boredom. I never had a decent couch for more than a week while Kinobe was around. One day I was walking through the living room and she ran ahead of me to the front door, and pounced on the wall where her leash hung... I suddenly had flashbacks of me training Kinobe to do that when he needed to go outside. There was no doubt anymore. Bell was the twin soul of my favorite dog, Kinobe. This crazy, smiling faced pit bull was my saving grace, my emotional support, and my guard dog. And she will always be my ride and die girl.

My heart... my soul... my Bell.


About the Creator

Heather Leigh

Just your average not normal witchy woman with a lot of stories to tell. Crazy messed up family. Small zoo in my house. You never know what's gonna happen.

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