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Meant to be mine

by Cynthia M about a year ago in cat
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My furry spirit guide

Taken within the first week

I had a friend who always had stray cats in her yard, one of the cats was actually hers but she didn’t care much for her, she was a beauty and one day I saw her in the yard she looked bigger than usual. “Is your cat pregnant?” I asked my friend. “I think so, she’s been hanging around here more often so she might be having the babies soon.” A couple weeks go by, I come over one day and see the litter of kittens in her house but also I see her cat had surgery and had a leg removed. “What happened to her oh my gosh poor thing!!” “Well, one day we saw her and she was limping her leg was dirty with dried up blood so we brought her inside and when we would touch her leg she’d cry. So we decided to take her to the vet. The vet told us it seemed like she got stuck somewhere and she hurt her leg and it was infected, and broken so they had to amputate it.” I felt so bad for this momma cat, she just had her litter and she can’t even get away from them if she needed to haha anyway, I saw one black cat in the litter and I felt so drawn to it so I would carry it more than others. Everytime I went over I’d look for the black cat. One time when he started walking more he came up to me and climbed my leg and then walked on me to lay on my chest. It was adorable. Alright another short story in this story before I move on. This friend of mine was actually my best friend, we always hung out, but she had a girlfriend. This girlfriend didn’t like me at all. My friend and I had a thing for each other in the past and nothing serious ever happened we just kissed one time. We both had someone but she cheated on her gf with me and I cheated on my boyfriend at the time with her. But that’s it. But even after all that time my friend always had a thing for me. Her girlfriend knew she use to but didn’t know she still did. So I guess she felt like I was a threat to her. As she should because why is her girlfriend still friends with me? So yeah one day my friend decided to tell her girlfriend about this kiss we had and I didn’t understand why. After she told me she told her about it, I didn’t hear from my friend for a couple months. One day, out of the blue she calls me. “Hey you, you free right now?? Can I come pick you up so we can talk for a bit?” Me being excited to hear from her I immediately said yes. Despite her ghosting me I knew that’s what we would be talking about. So I got ready and she picked me up and we went back to her house. We were in the front yard and we talked about it then out of no where this small black cat came up to me and meowed. It was the kitten I was so drawn to!! My my had he grown a bit. “Whoa I haven’t seen any of the kittens in a while! I don’t know where he came from.” My friend said. I picked him up and just cuddled him and he was just purring. Basically my friend told me that her and her girlfriend got into a fight and she ended up telling her we kissed to piss her off. “It worked for sure.” She said. Anyways, a little time passed we were just catching up and then I asked her about the cats. “So are the cats just on the streets y’all don’t keep them inside or anything?” “No, my parents don’t want them so we just let them go once they got a little bigger.” The little black cat was following me everywhere, the whole time my friend and I were outside talking and walking. She gets a phone call and it’s her girlfriend. Once she gets off the phone, she says “my girlfriend wants me to go pick her up.” “Okay, so you’re gonna take me home now I assume.” We get into the car and before I get in the black cat jumps into the front seat and my friend goes “I think he likes you.” I’m in awe of the cuteness and I decided to ask her if I could keep him. I know she said they’re in the streets but technically it’s her cats baby so it’s her cat still. “Can I keep him?” “Yeah go for it!” I was so excited but also a little worried about my mom, but I figured I could find a way to convince her to let me keep him. I get home and tell my friend bye and to not be a stranger. I immediately took the kitty a bath and picked off any fleas I could find and then waited for my boyfriend to come home so we could get a litter box. “I think I’ll name you Sylvester.” Now in the present time, he’s older it’s been about 6 years. I’m a very spiritual being and I’ve read up on some things and I learned that sometimes your spirit guides will incarnate as pets. So I have reason to believe Sylvester is a spirit guide of mine and that it was no coincidence I felt drawn to him and him to me. I didn’t choose him. he chose me. To be able to look over me closely and be there for me in a physical form rather than just a spirit form. For that, I’m forever grateful this little guy came into my life. He means the world to me. So does my other cat who I also rescued. Her name is Jimmy. That’s another story to tell haha but I hope you guys enjoyed my little story.


About the author

Cynthia M

I have many stories and a creative imagination hope you enjoy

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