Mastiff Life...

by Matthew hasemeier 8 days ago in dog

So you think you want a mastiff?

Mastiff Life...

These gentle giants make amazing pups, people! Be prepared for big love, big slobber, big eats, big poops, & melting hearts! Mastiffs make great companions as they always want to be wherever their owners are. Hollywood literally follows me from room to room all over the apartment. Although they are huge indoors, they are super lazy and basically form a rug wherever they can carve out a spot underfoot. At the park, he has seemingly boundless energy! Running all over the place and sniffing all the butts! Mine is three and a half, and yet people still think he's a puppy when they see him galloping about.

I could not have gotten luckier with my rescue! He's such a lover and a great protector! His previous humans realized they couldn't keep a dog this large when at only seven moths old, he was already over 70 pounds... He's now grown to be the same size as his master. I'm 152 and he's 150! Mastiffs can be very stubborn, so good training is essential. One thing which changed our walking lives immediately (and transformed him from walking me to me walking him with just one finger) was a Gentle Leader face collar. Most folks we encounter think he's wearing a muzzle, but the face collar was literally the best $16 I have ever spent! I could not have asked for a better pup and I'm so lucky he came into my life!

Mastiffs can have finicky stomachs & grain allergies... Mine in particular is allergic to gluten which is found in so many wet and dry pet foods. They respond best to a grain free diet. We tried so many foods before discovering Taste of the Wild food for dogs. Hollywood used to get red itchy patches on his belly and hind legs before I switched his diet. Now he's got a super shiny coat, tiny poos for a dog of his size (since the food is so highly digest-able), and best of all, no more itchy red skin!

Stay tuned for more tips & Mastiff Life!

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