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Master has given Collin a sock!

by Sarah Shea 11 months ago in diy
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. . . and a pillow case!

Collin's/Dobby's sock!

When Collin first came to live with his new family, the leaves fell to the ground and smelled like decay, like they do now. They smell so interesting. They didn’t do that at Collin’s old home, no no no. It was very warm there.

But Collin’s old home was also crowded and so hard to move around in. There were other creatures like Collin, and they made him very frightened. So many loud noises and sharp teeth, oh dear. Some strange people came to take Collin when his old master grew still and smelled of Death. Collin tried to be good, he did, but they poked sharp things at him and put him in a loud moving box for a long time.

Look at those Dobby ears when we first adopted Collin!

Collin likes his new family. They don’t have any other creatures with them, so their home is very nice and quiet. They’re very comfortable to sit with, and they give Collin pets. Collin likes that, yes he does. And they sometimes feed him chicken and whipped cream. Those are Collin’s favorites, yes indeed.

They sometimes seem a little confused though, because they look at Collin and say other names, like “Bubba,” or “Baby,” or “Good Boy,” or sometimes even “Dobby.” This last name is the most confusing, but they say it has something to do with Collin’s ears. Collin doesn’t know what these other words mean, but he does love his Masters, he does.

But Collin’s Lady Master has done some strange things as of late.

She took a cloth from the door next to the bathroom and used a metal tool that made scritchy sounds to cut it open bigger. Collin watched from the spinny chair where she usually sits, and she put two small cloth circles in front of him. But Lady Master took them away when Collin took them in his mouth.

Dobby costume: before.

Then she put the cloth on the floor and put Collin on top of it, and put his paws—which can be quite sensitive, you know—through two openings. Collin didn’t really like it, no sir. The cloth was not as thick and comfy as the sweater Masters put him in when there’s cold, wet, white stuff outside, so Collin’s not sure why Lady Master has that cloth for Collin.

Collin in his winter sweater.

She took it away and made more scritchy sounds with the metal so that the cloth was smaller. Collin thought that perhaps if he sat on some other chair, she would leave him be. But, oh, she was insistent.

Dobby costume: after.

Gentleman Master watched as Lady Master put Collin’s paws through the holes again, and tied the other ends of the cloth over his shoulder. Collin loves Lady Master so much though, yes he does, so he stayed still while she made those happy sounds and held the little contraption in front of her face. When Collin looked away from her, she called to him again and again, and she and Gentleman Master made more of those happy sounds.

Collin did his best to be a good boy and to sit so nice, so nice, so that they would keep being happy. His ears went up every time they called to him, and they made more of those happy sounds and gave him pets around his ears. Collin thinks that means it worked, and he so loves to make Masters happy.

Side view of Collin's Dobby costume.

Lady Master is so kind to Collin, she is, because she took the cloth off of Collin before it became too bothersome and Collin got to take a nice long nap. Collin loves naps, he does.

Collin’s not sure why Lady Master was so excited about the cloth, but she said the “Dobby” word a lot, she did. Collin is still confused, but is happy because Masters are happy.

Master has given Collin a sock!


About the author

Sarah Shea

I am a teacher with a passion for creative writing. My favorite genres to write are young adult, humor poetry, and memoir essays. Join me on my journey!

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