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Loki, the Dog of Mischief Chapter 2

by Beverlee Puckett 12 days ago in dog

Its on OLD MAN!!!

Loki, the Dog of Mischief Chapter 2
Loki with his favorite baby, Felicia~

This will now be written from Loki's point of view……

I have never seen mom so excited. She had a gleam in her eye and an extra pep in her step. This guy Kirt must be quite a catch to make mom this happy. I am also going to have a sister. Her name is Coco. I just know we are going to be the best of friends. She's small like me so I am sure we will get along great!

The phone rings, and I hear mom on the phone. When she hangs up she comes to the room she picked me up and says, “They are on their way!” I just gave her one of my big kisses she loves so much as I thought to myself how great this is going to be.

I heard the Tahoe turn into the driveway and my heart started pounding. I immediately began barking trying to get mom's attention to let her know they were here! I was jumping up and down with enthusiasm. When Kirt came through the door I was so excited I could not help but jump on him, trying to get his attention. He just patted my head and said, “I see you Loki, good boy,” and kept walking. I stood with this confused look on my face thinking to myself this is not how mom acts when she sees me after being gone. (even though she rarely leaves me at home) I quickly remembered my sister! Coco! Oh yes, she’s here! I went running to the door to welcome her to her new home. I ran up to her and before I could even sniff her butt she let out this growl like a rabid dog guarding his last meal. I jumped back and thought you crazy little chicken nugget. I have done nothing to you! I stepped closer to her and she let out another growl. Mom yelled, “Cocolita! You be nice!” I shot a look at Coco as if to say Ha! You got told! I knew right then this was not going to be one of those storybook brother sister relationships.

As the day went on Mom was busy getting everything situated and put in its place. I just stayed close to my babies to make sure Coco did not go nuts on them like she did me.

All of a sudden the urge hit me and I had to go NUMBER 1! There is very little time till…

OH NO! I stood up and heard the yellow river flowing and unfortunately so did mom. “Loki NO!” She yelled while running for the back door. I looked up with my ears flat just hoping I would not get a slap on the behind with the rolled up newspaper. I hate that thing! I ran as quickly as I could past her out to the back yard. Of course, I did not have to go now. I just went so I waited about 5 minutes and to the back door I went. I scratched once, whined twice and the back door opened.

“You have got to start going outside to potty!,” mom said in her kid-like voice. I knew then everything was fine. Mom could never stay mad at me. Then I heard Kirt chime in, “You have got to stop spoiling him. You are ruining him. He has to learn to go outside more.” Mom just shook her head and kept putting away clothes in the closet. I shot Kirt a look thinking to myself, “watch it old man, we can either be friends or not. Your choice…” I turned and walked out of the room. As I am making my way to the kitchen for an after dinner snack Coco comes up behind me and just growls. I’m thinking to myself, what the hell is this little dogs problem. She turns and says, “ you know you will never win. Mom loves Kirt and there is nothing you can do. Get over it! You just wait and see what I tell you. You will never get between them. The only one that can do that is me!” She says with this prissy ass attitude and walks off back to the bedroom.



I just stood there thinking to myself, there is no way that little twit is going to get the number one place in this house. This is my spot and if it takes all I have, I will be NUMBER 1 ALPHA!

Finally mom starts turning out the lights. It's time for bed. I love this time. It is the special time mom and I have. She usually rocks me for a few minutes in the big chair before we get into bed. I walk into the bedroom awaiting to be scooped up only to find mom in bed with her laptop next to Kirt and OMG its COCO! My eyes widen. I am not believing what I am seeing. I let out a whine to make mom aware I am in the room.

“Oh Loki baby, come on and get in the bed,” she says in her sweet voice. I looked back at the rocker and looked at her. “I’m sorry. I’ll be right there.” as she starts to get up Kirt chimes in, “ what are you doing Bev. Get back into bed.”

“ I will but I have to rock Loki, I have been doing this since the first night I got him. It’s ok.” She stated trying to make it sound like this was no big deal; however, it is a big deal! This is our time together and these two are ruining our routine! Mom picks me up and we begin to rock. I lay my head on her chest relaxing for the first time today.

“This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. He is not going to be worth killing,” Kirt says while shaking his head. “You do not worry about Loki. He is my baby and he is just fine.” That's right! Mom told you! She stands up with me still in her arms and climbs into bed. I laid next to her thinking to myself. Oh yes Old man! It's on! I will get rid of you if it is the last thing I do…

To be continued…

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Beverlee Puckett
Beverlee Puckett
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