Living with a Rottweiler

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Small Views from a Rottie Owner

Living with a Rottweiler

Throughout my young life, I always wanted a dog of my own. I grew up with six Boxers, a bird, a cat, and a very hyperactive Chihuahua; none of these family companions were never truly mine in my heart but I loved them as if they were. As I grew up, they were either given away to a family friend or it was, sadly, their time to go. After finally moving out, my folks had no authority to stop me in having my own companion. Looking for quite some time at adopting till that beautiful day happened.

My eyes fell upon the most handsome little bear, crying out with his brothers and sisters in a pen with their mother.

A Rottweiler. He was the biggest out the bunch but he was so loud and cried out more than the others. That little brown heart on his bum had struck my heartstrings and I had to have him. It may have been an impulse, but I was ready and committed; after filling out the paperwork I took him home to start our new lives together. The best day of my life so far.

Argus Amadeus. Born May 19, 2017 (His family tree had such regal names soooo.... I think he fits in).

During the first few months, it was expected. I could never part from him, training him to go wee outside(training in general), getting his shots and keeping him vaccinated, trying to figure out what toys he likes, teething, little mistakes here and there but there were something I didn't know.

I lived in Guam when I got Argus so even though he was calm and laid back, his appearance still frightened locals. To me he didn't seem that big, yet they would always say he was huge. He wasn't a very burly rott, he took on more of his father's features rather than his mother.

Why are you afraid?

That was the question I'd think. He is well behaved and likes playing with other dogs. I wasn't thinking of how others depicted breeds, as if they were misinformed. Well assured, I got them to have a different look at a certain breed rather than listening to a load of bull.

Rottweilers, no matter where they come from are: Smart, Loyal, Calm, Have a steady temperament, and are powerful by default. This can differ with any dog, like always there will be pros and cons. Also it depends on how you raise them.

He may be protective and be too witty for me at times but, he is my best friend. A cuddle monster. He accepts pets and rubs from anyone who he gets a sniff of. Having a Rottie may be challenging but they are worth it.

How does it work?
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