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Let Me Breathe with You and Let Presence Fill This Quiet

How my animals taught me the healing power of meditation

By Ute Luppertz ✨ Published about a month ago 3 min read
Photo of Shiva and author by Nancy Yamin

Have I been meditating for a while? Ha, you could say that! Yes, I’ve been a meditator for many years. My animals join me, too — though I should say we meditate together. They guide the process as much as I do, and their meditation techniques are creative and varied.


The first memory that comes to mind is that of my dog Jonah. He was dying, and we meditated together in my backyard while we were waiting for our vet to arrive. It was a mild late September day, and it was sunny.

I performed a ceremony with him and removed the harness he wore during the last months of his life. With great care, I gently brushed Jonah’s body. It was an act of devotion for my beautiful dog.

He had stopped eating a while ago and accepted a piece of shredded chicken as his last meal. The chicken was a sacred offering, my Prasad to him. Then, both of us went into the sphere and meditated.

Silence. Jonah’s heartbeat. Timelessness. My sadness. All of it. We journeyed through this together until he took his last breath. He was connecting with peace.


My cats are born meditators. They often seem to sleep, but they are journeying the astral plains.

If anything, cats could be Zen masters and teach humans how to meditate. I think they nailed this, at least the cats that graced my life; I’m so lucky.

My cats often place themselves on a part of my body that needs healing. When they do this, I pay attention and get quiet with them. They usually gaze at me as if seeing right through to my essence.

My cat Moopy was especially attuned to me like no other cat. At the end of her life, she slept next to my head and breathed with me in unison until I fell asleep. On her last day on earth, she sat all day motionless in my backyard, facing East, until she let her body go at night. She was a true goddess.

Moopy - Facing East on her last Earth day - Photo by author


My dog Shiva was also a meditator. Every night, he would retreat into another room to be still for an hour or two while my cat Moopy watched over him on the window sill.

Then, he would meander back into the central area of the house. Every. Single. Night.

I’m convinced he was a temple guardian in one of his previous lives.

Pablo and Meelah

My current dogs and I have our meditation time late in the evening, and we tune out the world. I sit or lie down with them, sometimes on the floor, sometimes on my bed or the sofa. I synchronize my breathing with theirs. Our heartbeats merge. This can last a few minutes or up to an hour, and it’s our time outside of time. In these moments, we’re breathing in eternity. Our shared sacred breath makes us whole.


My cat, Esme, is still young and active. She seems to have an internal clock, and when it’s getting close to midnight, she comes to me and drapes herself on my lap, insisting that I put my hand on the top of her head, on her crown chakra. Needless to say, I stop what I’m doing when she’s going into meditation mode. By the way, she’s making muffins on one of my arms as I’m typing.

Esme also habitually sits near my head at night, watching me drift to sleep. She makes soft sounds like a lullaby, ushering me into Dreamtime as stillness weaves around me.

Meditation with my pets is integral to my life, and I cannot imagine living without it. It has enriched me beyond measure. My animals keep reminding me that stillness and joy are our natural states — when we listen to our breath and heartbeat. There’s nowhere else to be but here.


About the Creator

Ute Luppertz ✨

I am an animal lover, a meditator, and a wisdom keeper. I live my passion through writing about life and animals and working as a pet death doula and animal communicator.

You can learn more about me here: petspointofview

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