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Mastering the Art of Animal Communication

Unlocking 7 essential steps to deepen the connection with your pet

By Ute Luppertz ✨ Published about a month ago 5 min read
Mastering the Art of Animal Communication
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Animal communication is the new buzzword in the spiritual animal lovers and healer community. Embarking on the journey of animal communication is indeed a profound experience that deepens the understanding and connection with our furry and feathered friends.

1. Ask the animal for permission.

Here is what happens sometimes when I receive a request to communicate with someone’s pet: People ask me to tell their pets to do certain things or, more importantly, not to do certain things. Animal communication is not about that. So what is it about? It is about energetic consent, which allows animals to open up because it doesn’t work for them when we try to force things. Does that make sense?

2. Listen with an open heart and mind — Feel love, reverence, and gratitude.

That said, I’m not going to lie - sometimes I am frustrated with the label “animal communication.’ Let me elaborate. I am not actually “talking” to animals during animal communication sessions. I open my channels of perception and expand my willingness to listen to the information that comes through without being in the way. I practice being receptive whenever an animal invites me into their inner world. Honing receptivity takes time and patience since we live in a pushy culture. Can you relate?

3. Approach with respect and reverence for their individuality and autonomy.

My willingness to listen and my receptivity help me to sense and feel underlying issues such as pain, emotional stress, and fear, to name just a few. This creates an energetic opening and an opportunity for action plans, healing and peace, and a space for evolution and growth. The animals are often delighted to be met with such a high attunement and awareness. Is it easy? It can be. That said, if you want to hone your intuition — trust me, it’s in there — and get into a receptive state, there are some essential things to consider.

4. Cultivate patience and presence and get into the right inner state.

Before you tune into your animal's inner life, ponder the following: It can pertain to physical issues, emotional issues, and spirituality. Books about animal communication are written in human language. As I mentioned above, I prefer the term animal listening when I talk about animal communication. So, what do I mean by listening? We need to practice the rarest of arts—to be receptive to information not coming from a human mind.

5. Honor that which you do not understand with your human intellect.

Each of us must find out what our best channel of perception is. For example, many people see auras, images, shapes, and colors. Other people hear things and sentences or sounds and noises. Then, some are tactile — they feel and “see” things with their hands.

Please don't assume that everything written about animal communication will apply to you and your pet. For example, there is a common belief that all animals communicate with images. That is often true. However, much like us, many animals use many different channels. Some of these channels are in sync with our channels of perception.

6. Get grounded and release expectations. Observe, do not interpret.

I have witnessed over and over that our willingness to connect on a deeper level with our four-legged friends can lead to better physical-emotional balance and harmony. It can alleviate misunderstandings and reduce suffering—for both humans and animals and at the end of our furry companions' lives.

Let me stress here that intuition alone is not enough. We also need solid, fact-based information on the DNA programs of dogs, cats, and horses to discern our human interpretations and projections when we tune in with them. This enables us to understand drives and behaviors, including those we witness with chronic or terminal health conditions, to a more significant extent.

Please take the time to find out what your primary and best-developed channel of perception is. It might be helpful to write things down as they come in and ask your pet for permission when you tune in.

7. Approach with respect and reverence for their individuality and autonomy

Here’s an example of an animal communication session I did a while back. It illustrates how perceptive our pets are to our emotional messages and inner state.

The session was with a little dog named Jenny, who was old and frail. She suffered from a myriad of health issues and was close to dying. Her person was exhausted from the intense caretaking and contacted me because she did not understand why Jenny wouldn’t let go. Jenny’s mom told me that she had repeatedly told Jenny to release from her body. In our session, she told her dog directly, “Please, Jenny, it’s okay. You can let go. You’ll break my heart, but I want you to let go. Please let go. It’s OK, even if it breaks my heart. “

When I tuned in with little Jenny, she showed me she was in a real pickle. In Jenny’s perception, she received mixed messages from her person.

On the one hand, Jenny heard she had permission to release and cross over. On the other hand, her person kept telling her that if she went ahead and did this, it would be heartbreaking, literally. Jenny conveyed to us that for that very reason, she couldn’t die.

It was a complete surprise and shock for Jenny’s mom when she realized that her dog took these messages so literally. After our session, Jenny and her mom experienced a profound shift. Jenny was at peace, and her mom was relieved to gain a new understanding of Jenny’s love for her. A few days later, Jenny passed away peacefully.

Mastering the art of animal communication requires patience, presence, and a deep respect for each animal's individuality. By following these essential principles, you can cultivate a meaningful and authentic connection with your animal friend and experience their unconditional love in a new way.

Lastly, please be patient with yourself as you explore these realms and enjoy your connection. Would you like to share a story? I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

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You can learn more about me here: petspointofview

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