Is your pet your best friend?

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My best friend Coco Pang Pang

Is your pet your best friend?
Coco Pang Pang woke up from her nap on the couch

Ever wonder having pet? Well, I wanted a pet for a long period of time as I love cats. But I never knew my cat would be my best friend. Her name is Coco Pang Pang, a White Ragdoll born on July 5th 2018.

We first meet at a shopping center entrance to meet the owners of Coco’s mother. Coco was as small as my hand looking a little scared from the change in surroundings. Coco was only three weeks old so I could imagine how scared she could have been. At our first sight and touch, we knew we would get along. Coco gave me a hug and cuddled into my body till we got back to her new home. When we first arrived home, she puked on my arm which could have been the hole change and movement that caused her to puke. As I was worried, I searched online to find ways to make her feel better. With all the resources and searches I made her motion sickness better. She started taking long naps on the couch even though she had her fluffy beds. Coco was so small and precious. Every movement had to be watched over to make sure she was fine. She could not climb or jump from the ground where I had to help her move around the house to her needs. Coco loved to sick on the couch and watch tv or the city view. She loved the night lights in downtown city where street cars, city lights, cars, and people actively move around.

Coco Pang Pang taking naps

During the mornings, Coco played with cat toys and tried to catch the sunlight shinning into the house.

Coco Pang Pang's first toy

As I wanted to capture all our precious moments, I made her social media accounts to make a photo book of Coco. With all the attention from friends and family, they wanted to see Coco every minute. They wanted to visit my house just to see Coco even though she could be taking a nap.

Coco Pang Pang sleeping on her paws

As time passes by, Coco started to grow and started to get athletic. She can now jump on my couch on her own and run around the house without needing any help. She is extremely curious about her surrounding and very affectionate to people. She is very noisy when she does not see me and runs at me when she finds me. With love, I wanted to give the best for her. I bought her treats and tasty tuna foods, which is her favorite, fluffy cat tower, which she loves, and all sorts of cat toys for her to play with. Her favorite activity was to climb up the cat tower to the top and watch people and birds outside the house. She was so focused that she does not realizes when I sneak up to her. Then when she spots me sneaked up to her face, she screams “meow” in a way I feel like she is saying “hey! Where how did you get there!” in an affectionate way.

Coco Pang Pang on her cat tower

After a few months she visited the vet to get her treatment to stay healthy and check up on her health. The vet was surrounding Coco as she was too cute for people to not look around. Coco did not seem to be scared of people, in fact she looked like she liked people liking her. After the examination, I heard from the veterinarian that Coco might have hearing problems. I was in shock and asked further questions. The veterinarian said Coco could be deaf in her ears as she does not react to loud sounds. In fact, this made a lot of sense as she was not scared to people making aww like noises at her, loud city noises like beeps, honks, and fire trucks, vacuum cleaner while cleaning the house and most of all me sneaking to her back when she is not looking. At first, I was worried about her but then I learned that white cats with blue eyes tend to be deaf which is not unusual. Knowing that Coco is deaf, I took extra care of her every day. I learned about taking care of cats and especially when they are deaf. It was interesting to learn that deaf cats tend to be more affectionate to people and make loud meows. These traits perfectly matched with Coco which became a trade mark for Coco’s fans (friends and family) which we love. As she grew a year older and started to get bigger, Coco’s personality did not change and made her cute and fluffier. She was there for my hard times and stayed beside me during the most precious moments in my life. Even during the pandemic with limitation to go outside, Coco stayed by me as we entertained each other. We even tried TikTok to film Coco trying out different TikTok challenges. Coco had a talent to act perfectly when she was on camera. I was extremely surprized with some of her acts like sitting in a square tape box challenge. You can check out the video from this link here.

Though the hard times in 2020, Coco has stayed beside me and gave me happiness to move forward in life. We care for each other every day. I want to thank her for being beside me every day and wanted to write about some of our memories we had together. I hope we can stay as we are right now for a long period of time. I hope Coco knows that I appreciate her, in fact, I will make her a delicious meal right now.

I love you Coco. Stay by me forever.

Coco Pang Pang
Coco Pang Pang
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