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Improving My High-Energy Miniature Dachsund's Health and Lifestyle with Ollie

Nothing better than seeing my Dollar brim with energy.

By angel abadPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

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My partner and I have always cherished the idea of sharing our lives with a pet that could join us in our travels. There are few better fits than our beautiful mini dachshund, Dollar, who can fit into literally anything, anywhere. But since he’s so small, it’s always tricky to strike the right balance to ensure he’s optimally healthy, especially since he’s so energetic and burning calories all day. Tracking his calories has been the toughest, and as a dog mom I’m always worried about making sure I’m giving him everything he needs. Enter, stage left, Ollie.

Navigating the Energetic World of a High-Spirited Dachshund

Dollar brims with energy, and wakes me up almost every morning to play fetch. It’s not always easy, but I realize that adapting to his active lifestyle has not only elevated his well-being, but made my life more active too! But given all his exercise, particularly in the last few months, I wanted to make sure that he was getting the right nutrients.

It’s anyway hard for me to tell whether he’s getting his nutrients given his size, and so I started becoming particularly concerned when he kept exercising at the same rates, but all of a sudden slowed his eating. High-protein diets are crucial for maintaining energy levels in small breeds like dachshunds, who are also prone to specific health risks such as intervertebral disc disease. Recognizing these unique needs led me to search for a tailored solution that could keep up with Dollar's spirit.

Revolutionizing Dachshund Nutrition with Ollie

I was browsing online, and came across Ollie. On their quiz, I filled out information about Dollar that helped me figure out the perfect recipe for him. We started out with the chicken recipe, and he is loving it! The meal has chicken, carrots, and rice, and seems to perfectly cater to his needs. Most importantly, he’s eating again! I’ve read that carrots, rich in vitamins and fiber, have positively impacted his digestion, and maybe that’s why. Meanwhile, I feel more comfortable about his energy levels knowing how much rice he’s eating, since carbs are such energy-boosters. I’ve even noticed that he tires out less quickly, and has no visible signs of digestive discomfort. It means Ollie is working for him.

The most noticeable change has been in his coat, now more shiny and lustrous, even for a short length coat, which is honestly a testament to the balanced nutrition he's receiving. Additionally, with real chicken as its protein source, it’s clear that the crucial nutritional need for muscle building and tissue repair in small dogs, notably dachshunds, is being addressed. This comprehensive approach to nutrition highlights the thoughtfulness behind Ollie's formulations, ensuring that pets like Dollar not only thrive but flourish.

I should say, Ollie’s benefits apply to all dogs. While it gave me peace around knowing that I was meeting Dollar’s nutritional needs, their food is devoid of fillers, by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives, which is good for all dogs. Their cooking process involves low temperatures which means that the nutrients aren’t all cooked out of the food, as is the case with most conventional dog foods. This commitment to quality and wholesomeness is what sets Ollie apart, making it a trusted partner in the journey of pet parenthood.

Can you tell he's excited?

The Convenience of a Meal Subscription Service

On top of worrying about Dollar’s nutrition when I do have dog food in the house, there’s nothing worse than forgetting to place an order for dog food until it’s too late and I’m out, and I have to run to the drug store to get less-than-ideal food to feed him. The highly user-friendly Ollie app facilitates order tracking, delivery adjustments, and recipe changes. Rewards and free shipping are also a huge plus, simplifying my life and ensuring Dollar never misses a meal. This ease of use, combined with the confidence in providing him with top-notch nutrition, is invaluable.

Dollar’s Transformation

Switching to Ollie meant a significant change in Dollar's mealtime, making him so enthusiastic without upsetting his digestive system (can’t you see from the way he inspects that box?!) I would definitely say that for pet owners concerned about their tiny pup’s nutrition, or for those who are simply seeking to boost their pets' happiness and health, Ollie presents a viable, user-friendly solution. Ollie has redefined how I think of Dollar’s nutrition, and best of all, shown me what he truly looks like when he’s getting the right food. I couldn’t be happier.

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  • Toby Heward2 months ago

    Such a spoiled puppy

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