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If Your Enneagram Type Was An Animal, It Would Be…

by Dan Foster 4 months ago in satire

Are you a dog? A chicken? Or an ass?

If Your Enneagram Type Was An Animal, It Would Be…
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Like so many people, when I first came across The Enneagram, my mind was completely blown. Suddenly I had an incredible tool that helped me understand both myself and others, while gently inviting me towards emotional and personal growth.

If you’re new to the Enneagram, you might be wondering what on earth I’m talking about. The Enneagram is a personality profiling tool that explains why we behave the way we do, and how we relate to others. The Enneagram identifies nine types of people, each with certain strengths and weaknesses. Best of all, it’s mind-blowingly accurate!

If you’ve never looked at the Enneagram, I can only recommend that you check it out. Before you get into this article, if you’re unfamiliar with the nine personality types of The Enneagram, this info-graphic provides an excellent summary of each! You might even want to take test to work out what personality type you have.

If your Enneagram type were an animal, it would be:

I’ve been studying the Enneagram for over a decade now and, recently, I thought it would be fun to play around with some symbols that best represent each personality type. So, here goes! If your personality type was an animal, it would be:

Type 1 — The Bee

The animal symbol for the Type 1 is the Bee. The bee is industrious, super active and, above all, busy, busy, busy! They are hard workers who like to create intricate, orderly structures and systems and expect everyone around them to be working to the same end. But, if you mess with their perfectly maintained world, then expect to get stung! Bees test every flower to find the perfect pollen for their honey, with some sweet results!

Type 2 — The Donkey

The animal symbol for the Type 2 is the donkey. The donkey is stable, reliable and able to carry a huge burden for others. On the surface, it also appears to be ever-so-patient. However, at some point the donkey usually become frustrated by the burden it so willingly picked up and become just as stubborn as it was helpful. When things get too much for the donkey, everyone knows, the donkey just goes on strike.

Type 3 — The Peacock

The animal symbol for the Type 3 is the Peacock. As far as external appearances go, the peacock is one of the most beautiful looking creatures in the animal kingdom. Its bright colors and decorative feathers serve joint purposes. Firstly, they make themselves look super-attractive to win a partner. Secondly, they offer a protective cover that prevents anyone seeing what lies beneath their stunning outward appearance. The peacock is, after all, just a chicken with long, colorful feathers.

Type 4 — The Cat

The animal symbol for the Type 4 is the cat. The cat is a radically individualistic creature. It lives in its own little universe with its own set of needs and preferences. Cats are intuitive. They are beautiful. But, they can also be temperamental and needy. The other strange things about cats is that the seem to want the attention of those who want nothing to do with them, while ignoring those who seem to adore them with an aloof kind of detachment.

Type 5 — The Owl

The animal symbol for the Type 5 is the Owl. The Owl is the symbol of wisdom. From its lofty perch, the owl sees everything but is also hard to locate. Preferring to come out at night when the world is not so crazy and hectic, the owl is careful to remain above it all. But, the owl can also be strong and aggressive, launching a brutal attack on the simple creatures who scurry about below. Like a five with a strong opinion, the owl can take out an opponent with one blow of its beak.

Type 6 — Meerkat

The animal symbol for the Type 6 is the Meerkat. The meerkat has a highly developed sense of watchfulness that enables it to react immediately at the smallest sign of danger. Meerkat have developed the protective measures vital for survival and exist in a near hyper-vigilant state. Meerkats can work together to take on some formidable foes, and will do anything to protect their families, even to the point of self-sacrifice.

Type 7 — The Monkey

The animal symbol for the Type 7 is the monkey. The monkey is playful, fun and mischievous! They don’t focus on one thing for too long and are always moving on to the next fun thing. They’re super-social and like to hang out in large groups, because that’s really fun! And did I mention that they like to have fun?! Monkeys are also curious and clever, which occasionally can land them in trouble!

Type 8 — The Rhinoceros

The animal symbol for the Type 8 is the Rhinoceros. The Rhinoceros sees something that makes it angry and then charges at it with tunnel vision. Do not get in the way of a charging rhino as they will bust through pretty much every obstacle set before them. Rhinos are thick-skinned, literally take charge, have enormous energy which, when channeled at a specific target, will cause stuff to happen. They can be scary to other people but they are also great protectors of the weak and vulnerable in their community. They are the movers and shakers of our world.

Type 9 — The Whale

The animal symbol for the Type 9 is the Whale. Whales go with the flow and are calm and peaceful. They are in tune with their environment and the whales around them with almost extra-sensory perception. Whales have highly complicated systems of understanding that, to this day, we still know very little about. The Whale has no natural enemies and is a symbol of peaceful co-habitation with its kind and the environment in which it lives.

Disagree With Me?

Just in case I have managed to offend all nine types of friends I have, I want to add that this was just a light-hearted exercise. If you are upset that I called you a chicken with longer feathers, I’m sorry! Therefore, feel free to disagree with me! Is there a personality type here that you think could be better represented by a different animal? I’d love to hear your comments!

Dan Foster
Dan Foster
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