If Only Dogs Could Have Houses...

Which Home Style Matches Each Dog Breed?

If Only Dogs Could Have Houses...

Dogs, we love them so much that sometimes we even think they are human. We give our dogs human names, watch them develop certain personality traits, and buy them gifts for birthdays and holidays. Everything about the way most people treat their dogs is as if they are our children, so can you only imagine if your four legged friend got to build a house of its own?

Where would the house be located? Would it be ranch style or contemporary? One story or two? Well, an illustrator for Empire Today, a flooring company, recently came up with homes for certain dog breeds and they are too cute not to share.

(Empire Today)

A pug is a small dog with little legs and if your legs were that small, you might not want to walk up stairs every single day to get to and from your bedroom. The home style for a pug is a blend of mid-century modern with Asian interior design (the pug originated in China). Empire Today says, "we pictured this home situated in a trendy part of Los Angeles, as pugs are a favorite breed in these areas."

(Empire Today)

Next up, we have the Golden Retriever, one of the most popular dog breeds in the country. When you think of a golden retriever, you might think of a suburban neighborhood with white picket fences, which is exactly what Empire Today gave the golden retriever. They say, "envision this brick colonial house in a suburb of an all-American city, like Chicago or Minneapolis. The interior of this house is the popular shabby chic design style, with a large island in the kitchen for this social breed to host family and friends for dinner parties."

The golden retriever also has a large yard for running and playing with all the tennis balls this pup wants.

Mixed breed dogs, or mutts are some of the most popular dogs in the country. With adopting pets from shelters being very popular, a lot of families end up with a vivacious mixed breed pup who loves attention and lots of toys.

The house chosen for the mixed breed dogs is an adorable home with toys and bones laying around and a cozy/inviting feel to it. Empire Today says, "for this house, we thought it was important to emulate an eclectic style, with a combination of many different popular designs, as is the case in many real Americans’ homes today." This house is located right outside of San Francisco, a place where many people from different cultures and backgrounds live.

(Empire Today)

Many people see the poodle as a classy and fancy dog. They have the perfect hair, long legs (for standard poodles) and strut the streets with confidence.

The poodle is a French dog breed, so it obviously needed a home that screamed French Renaissance situated in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Empire Today says, "this home is plush and pink, especially the poodle’s bedroom, which is the height of luxury. We imagine the dog’s home to be full of luscious linens, fine china, and artwork, not to mention a perfectly manicured lawn and spa-like pool. Overall, we illustrated this home as our interpretation of a traditional style with a very elegant feel."

These illustrations might have you wondering what your furry friends custom home might look like. Would it be nicer than the home you currently provide him/her and would Fido have a nice fluffy warm bed to sleep in every night? Would Spot have someone to serve him breakfast every morning? The questions are endless and it certainly opens room for your mind to run wild. To view all the illustrations Empire Today put together, click here.

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