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"I'm Not a Cat Person"

But, maybe I'm a Carrot/Homie person?

By Jay,when I writePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

So, Carrot Top (a name I almost puked when hearing because of how corny it was) is probably the reason why cats have their stereoptypes. She's the basis. She's smart, couldn't care less about what you want (or your existence, as she will walk on you to get to her destination), and has this look that's like "you'll give me everything. I'll give you nothing. And you'll like it."

My housemate got her because she loves cats and just so happened to have a friend who had a cat that needed a new home., and Dexter (the og cat) needed a pal. She was excited.

I...was holding my tongue. Dexter was more than enough for me. He was always purring in my ear at 3am, he cried if you just happened to close the door to the bathroom, and his hair was everywhere. He stuck by my side since I was home the most, yet I wasn't his biggest fan. Sure, I'd do anything to make sure he was safe and healthy since he deserved that for existing. Yet, we weren't a match made in Heaven like me and my old dog. So, I figured I just wasn't a cat person.

But, Carrot. Right off the bat she seemed a bit more like how cats were described to me as when I lived in a dog house during my childhood.

She claimed the house the second she stepped foot inside. She gave us all this look like, "We need to make her as comfortable as possible," and she stayed the heck away from us till she needed something (preferring the cabinets over our attention).

I liked this honestly. It was easier to get things done around the house without tripping over another cat at my feet. she exceeded my expectations out of nowhere one boring fall day after thirty classes.

I came home, dropped my things, and got ready to try to perform miracles to my grades.

There I was, typing like I never typed before...


When, I looked over and saw Carrot playing with a a bread tie. She got it in her mouth, tossed it up, scratched at it with her paw, and repeated the action. When it got a bit further then before, she did something I didn't think cats were capable of doing

She chased after it.

Okay, I knew cats chased things. I once saw a cat catch a bird. I once saw Dexter run to get a piece of fish that fell.

But, this time I had an idea. I was missing my dog back at my mom's, and just needed to try it out.

So, I got up and picked up the bread tie.

"FETCH," I said to Carrot in my proper "go get 'em girl" voice. And something almost magical happened.

Little Carrot, who didn't so much as look at you when you called her name or asked her to move out the way...

Fetched the tie.

That's when I knew she wasn't an average cat. She was a cat d---(now the theme song is in my head). She was a cat that liked playing fetch. And I was someone who liked playing and procrastinating.

Anyway, that's how a game of fetch made me turn in my essay late, but realize I kinda dug Carrot more (I have a personal name I call her now "Homie"). Now, she's like my right hand cat. She still doesn't care about me, but when she does want rubs or to play fetch, I oblige.

I give her attention, food, water, and everything she wants when she wants it. In return, she gives me joy (HA Homie, joke's on you!) and I like it.


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    Jay,when I writeWritten by Jay,when I write

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