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How the Animals See the World

Animals see the world very different from us

By Sami BalochPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Did you know that animals see the world differently from us take this pigeons actually have better Vision than humans crazy right so let's try to see the world from the animal's eyes let's start with snakes their way of seeing the world is totally different from ours they have special infrared sensitive receptors in their snouts this allows them to see the radiated heat of warm-blooded mammals now let's move on to cows these big guys don't see colours as well as humans do they can't see the color red because they don't have the necessary receptors in their retinas for that so they only perceive variations of blue and green also they don't like it when someone approaches them from behind they have a near panoramic vision and the only area they can't see is directly to the back so if you're ever sneaking up on a cow make sure you give them a heads up horses have a blind spot right in front of their faces because of their eye placement this means they can't see things directly in front of them also they don't see as many colors as we do just like cows their world is mostly made up of greens yellows and blues poor guys fish eyes have ultraviolet receptors and a more spherical lens than humans this gives them an almost 360 degree vision as for colors they're able to see all the same ones as we humans do but because light behaves differently underwater they have a hard time Discerning red in its Shades deep sea fish can easily see in the dark which is pretty cool sharks on the other hand can't distinguish colors at all but they seem much clearer under the water than we do birds have some pretty unique ways of seeing the world unlike humans birds can see ultraviolet light this helps them differentiate between males and females of their own species as well as better navigate in their surroundings also they are very good at focusing for example Falcons and Eagles can focus on a small Mouse in the field up to a distance of one mile a pigeon can see all the tiny details so if you ever need to find a crack in the pavement just ask a pigeon and by the way it has a 340 degree field of vision and generally their vision is considered twice as good as a human's there you have it I'm envious of a pigeon insects have some weird Vision patterns too flies for example have thousands of little eye receptors that work together to give them a big picture of what's going on around them and get this they see everything in slow-mo plus they can see ultraviolet light it helps them with communication bees have their own problems these guys can't tell what the color red is to them it looks like a dark blue how messed up is that now rats these little guys can't see red either but that's not the weirdest part either of their eyes moves on its own so they're seeing double like all the time it's a wonder they don't run into more walls am I right cats don't see shades of red or green but they do see brown yellow and blue hues like a boss they got a wide angle view so they can peep more stuff on the size than we can there's more though when it's pitch black outside cats become ninja-like and can see six times better than us their pupils adjust to any lighting like magic now let's talk about dogs these furry friends can't see red or orange but they do rocket blue and violet plus they can differentiate 40 Shades of Gray I mean it's not 50 but still impressive On a related note frogs are really picky eaters they won't even bother with food that isn't moving they could be surrounded by a buffet of delicious bugs but if they don't wiggle frogs won't even bat an eye and they're not the most observant creatures either if something isn't important to them like a shadow they won't even bother looking at it chameleons have eyes that can move independently of each other so they can see everything around them without even turning their heads they can even see two images at the same time like a double feature movie one in front and one behind pretty impressive right what would you do if you suddenly got 360 degree Vision like a chameleon share in the comments that's it for today so hey if you pacified your curiosity then give the video a like and share it with your friends or if you want more just click on these videos and stay on the bright side

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  • Samar Javaid8 months ago

    wonderful and nice effort

Sami BalochWritten by Sami Baloch

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