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How does the cat predict when you will be home each day?

by Ensenada 2 months ago in exotic pets / cat
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Living with a cat for 70 days, the cat will remember when you come home.

After living with your popper cooper for 70 days or more, your cat will be able to remember exactly when you come home each day. Cats know their popper cooper's time habits so well that they can predict exactly when the popper cooper will eat and when he will change the cat's food, in addition to the time point of coming home. And smart cats know how to use this information and get the resources that are beneficial to the cat.

Some cats will wait specifically by the door for the popper cooper every day; in fact, cats do not wait naively all day. Almost all cats will wait here ten minutes early, and if the cat knows your voice well, then the cat will run to the door again before you are about to enter. Experienced cats will notice by watching your demeanor that the footsteps made by temporarily running to the door are easily detected by the popper cooper, and this can affect your mood. So these cats have come up with a more effective strategy through deep thinking, where the cat gets ready and waits quietly by the door at a point about 12 minutes before the popper cooper comes home each day.

If there are several popper coopers in the house, then the cat faces a greater challenge. Young cats sometimes make misjudgments because of their inexperience. When a popper cooper the cat does not like appears, the cat also runs to the door and waits, and this can be disappointing to the cat. Generally speaking, every cat has a most anticipated popper cooper, and it is only this person that the cat is waiting for at the door.

Cats that can go out will wait by the roadside in advance, and if the popper cooper does not show up on time, then these cats will look for you along the path that the cooper always takes, but unlike pet dogs, even the bravest male cats will have obvious walking boundaries, and if they go out too far, then the cat will not be able to find its way home.

Under different seasons, the cat will notice that your home time has changed. However, the cat cannot make adjustments in time, so the cat's behavior will appear delayed. After about a week or two of adaptation, the cat can change the waiting point according to the new time rhythm of the popper cooper.

While waiting for the popper cooper to come home, the male cat will become more aggressive due to territorial awareness. Upon spotting the popper cooper, the cat will quickly walk over and then leave a scent at the popper cooper. The cat does not want the popper cooper to enter the cat's territory with an unfamiliar scent. This is one of the reasons why many cats wait for the popper cooper. By smelling the scent of the popper cooper in time, the cat can also understand where you have been this day.

But for domestic cats, there are often unfamiliar smells that can be confusing. So you may find that sometimes when you come home, the cat looks at you with an unfamiliar look or even does not come over at a distance. Young cats tend to ignore this change in scent because they have a more obvious dependence on their popper cooper. When the popper cooper leaves the house, kittens generally wait longer by the door for you. Some kittens will even wait by the door without eating or drinking.

However, if there are more kittens in the house, the situation is different. These kittens will be busy playing, and a few of them will go to the door to wait for the popper cooper. And these kittens will form a unique behavior as a result, and when the cat grows up, the cat will be less likely to wait for the popper cooper early at the door. But you can still see the friendly side of the cat, when you come home, these cats will warmly run over and then make a pleasant cat call to you. Domestic cats living alone are more likely to wait for the popper cooper, which has to do with the cat's psychological state. Although cats are considered solitary animals, they need variables from their environment that are interesting and can especially compensate for the more boring life of a domestic cat. When the popper cooper comes home each day, he or she will bring the most variables to the cat during the day, so the cat will look forward to your return.

These cats will also be more attentive to remember when the popper cooper comes home. But sometimes the popper cooper's behavior can be confusing to the cat, such as when you come home and then leave quickly. Some cats may feel anxious because of this, so the popper cooper can briefly communicate with the cat before leaving the house, and this interactive process can make the cat feel at ease.

Some cats who eat a lot look forward to the popper cooper coming home, this is because the cat values the evening meal. If the popper cooper will prioritize food for the cat when you come home each day, then this cat will look forward to your return even more, and so the cat will remember your home time more attentively.

These cats will also wait longer by the door for the popper cooper, but if you do not prepare food for the cat in time when you come home several times in a row, then the cat's interest will also decrease. When you come home again, you will find that the cat is not waiting for you at the door, at which point the cat will go slightly further away and watch you.

The amount of time a cat waits for a popper cooper is constantly adjusted, and this has to do with both habitual and emotional factors. As cats get older, some cats will wait longer for the popper to cooper, which means the cat is more dependent on you. So for cats that you have had for years, the popper cooper should be extra loving because you have an important place in these cats' hearts that cannot be replaced. Every day, these cats are expecting the popper cooper to come home on time.

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