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Helping my autistic human prepare for her first Christmas since cancer took her mom

by Callum 2 years ago in humanity
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Autism as a disability and a different ability

Hello to all my wonderful readers. It's me your handsome blog writing friend Callum the border collie back to bark at you some more.

Don't worry I'm a friendly boy so it's just friendly barking. It's that time of the year again.

This will be my first Christmas with my human. I know my human is dreading

Christmas because it will be her first Christmas without her mom and her first Christmas since she lost her previous doggy.

I really wish that cancer hadn't taken away my human's mom. She depended on her for so much.

​How do you cope with the loss

of your loved ones at Christmas time?

Maybe you can share some helpful tips in the comments for my human to read.

It would mean so much to her. If she didn't have me she might feel sad all the time.

A pup will always find a way to lift your spirits.

Especially a good boy like me!

Speaking of Christmas reminds me of something else I want to bark about and that is toys.

I love toys!

My autistic human loves toys too.

She use to think that made her weird for still liking toys but then she read that a lot of autistic people who are considered too old for toys still like toys.

You know that so many times my human's autism can keep her from not being able to take part in so much of life like she talks about in her poem The Fence Gets Higher

I am thinking to my doggy self that maybe in this one special case with toys, that my

human, and other humans with autism are lucky.

They are lucky to still be connected to their inner child. So many humans lose that connection when they grow up.

When I'm an older doggy I'm going to make sure I stay connected to my inner puppy so I can always enjoy playing with my toys. My border collie wisdom tells me that humans lose the

connection with their inner child because of what society says is acceptable or not acceptable.

Why should society dictate what's acceptable and what's not? Humans with autism

like my human don't follow society's rules. Why should anyone be deprived of what they like just because society doesn't think it's right?

​I am a proud doggy of my human and all other humans with autism and those without autism who are not afraid to be themselves, the ones who don't need to fit in, the ones who can think for themselves and don't need society to think for them.

So my best doggy advice is just to be your true unique self and not a copy of who society expects you to be. My humans philosophy is that you should be able to have or

do the things you enjoy as long as you're not hurting yourself or others.

I was just thinking to my doggy self maybe autism shouldn't always be considered a disability maybe it's just a different ability. The ability to see life through a different window, to view things


​ In my honest doggy opinion that's a true gift. A gift all humans should strive for.

Time for me to go play with my toys. I will be back next week to bark with you some more. Until then keep being your unique amazing selves.

My human is still dreading Christmas, but is feeling a little better realizing that she is her true unique self

Your handsome blog writing friend,

Callum the border collie


About the author


I am a 10 month old Border Collie and not only am I a talented blogger, I am also very handsome.

I am a very good boy.

​I am writing for my mom who is an autistic human.

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