Ginge Minge

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The top pussy cat

Ginge Minge

Full name: Ginger “Ginge-Minge” Scott

Date of birth: 31st May 2011

Star sign: Gemini

Element: Air

Birthstone: Emerald

Zodiac sign: Rabbit

Occupation: Model/Hunter

Education: Mother Nature

Ginger is the most lovable, adorable and entertaining cat, I’ve ever seen. I think all cats are beautiful, but I don’t think I could love another cat in the way that I love Ginger. When he was born, I thought he was a girl, and wanted to call him Daisy, but when we discovered he was male, we called him Ginger.

I’ve known Ginger ever since he was born. He was my nan’s cat, then when she died, it was my mum’s cat. I know lots of people like to call themselves a fur-parent, but I’ve never seen Ginger as a cat-son. Sometimes he’s my uncle, sometimes he’s my brother or cousin depending on who he decides his favourite person is of the day. When I moved out to live on my own, he meowed for me and didn’t forgive me for months. Now he’s okay with me and loves it when I’m over. Though he also loves me when I bring treats for him.

His mother ran away then came back pregnant. She was too young to be castrated at the time. That’s how Ginger and his brother Autumn Blossom came to the world. Autumn went to live with a friend whilst Ginger stayed with us. He’s always been a friendly cat. He never bites or scratches humans. Sometimes he’s really shy and easily scared and will run and hide.

He’s a fussy eater. I don’t know where he gets it from: his mother and brother used to eat anything you put in front of him. Iris, his mother one time licked my ice cream. Ginger only eats dried food and John West tuna. If you try to give him any other wet food, he will sniff it and run away. He doesn’t really get on with other cats, he gets into fights with him and we’ve had many trips to the vets.

In the summer he likes to leaves rats and birds on the doorstep. One time he left a mouse on my bed. If you tell him to not bring mice, he’ll bring birds in.

If nobody is around, I can’t see any change in him. He’ll pick a spot where he likes and use it as a bed. When he’s bored of that spot, he will go and use another.

Most of the time, he’s calm, content and compliant. Though he has a sassy side to him that is rarely seen unless you spoil him with catnip.

He’s a big poser when he wants to be. I think he’s somebody who likes his own company most of the time. When he’s in the garden you don’t always see him cause he’s out sprawling in the grass or hunting. In the evening when he’s having a bath and his me time, he’s okay with pictures. Sometimes he will plonk himself on your lap or near you and hint at you to rub his belly.

He rarely meows. The only time he makes a noise is early in the morning when he wants to outside and play. Other than that, he never really meows at all.

“Hi there! This is my stocking now, I am going to use it as a pillow.”

“Hey! What ya looking at?”

“This is my house! I am the king and everyone who comes into this house is my servant!”

“I sleep in your bed because it’s mine now.”

“I’m coming on holiday with you!”

Chloe Gilholy
Chloe Gilholy
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