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From Bonding to Betrayal: A Snake's Sinister Intentions

Woman Sleeps With Snake Every Night, Until Doctor Shows Her What's Inside

By Franck SenpxPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

As the veterinarian conducted the ultrasound on the python, his expression revealed concern to the onlookers gathered around. Their furrowed brows hinted at something troubling they were witnessing. This piqued her curiosity. What were they seeing that caused such frowns to form on their foreheads?

Worry crept into his mind for her beloved baby. Mel, always labeled as odd, couldn't care less about society's judgments. Whether it was tattooing her body or adorning it with piercings, she lived by her own rules. And if she wanted a seven-foot-long python as a pet, who had the right to judge? In fact, a snake was the perfect companion for her cozy home. It required minimal attention and didn't yap incessantly like her neighbor's small dog. Moreover, it had never caused any trouble for anyone.

Nobody understood the unique bond she shared with Fang. He entered her life at just the right time, and she had taken excellent care of him. Some people might find it creepy or terrifying to own a snake as a pet, but Mel had never encountered any problems. Fang had never once shown aggression towards her or her visitors. If only her neighbors would stop pestering her with their unnecessary warnings.

Mel had always housed her python in a vivarium with a heat lamp, as was customary for reptilian pets. However, lately, she had been feeling lonely and decided to take their relationship a step further. She believed they could bond even more. Observing how her neighbor poorly bonded with their dog, allowing it to sleep outside every night, an idea struck her. She allowed the snake to curl up with her in bed. It was a remarkable experience.

Fang would snuggle against her and later sprawl across her body. Although he lacked warmth and fur, his finely scaled body brought her comfort in its own unique way. The python seemed to relish his new sleeping quarters, so Mel made it a nightly routine. From her head to her toes, he would slither and curl around her legs. Did he watch over her as she slept?

One night, groggy from her neighbor's incessant barking dog, Mel woke up to an empty bed. So tired, she quickly fell back asleep, assuming Fang was probably on the floor. In the morning, just as she expected, the snake was back on the bed, coiled around her legs as usual. Later, she prepared his meal, but he showed little interest in eating. Throughout the entire day, Fang remained on her bed, refusing to eat and displaying more agitation than usual, especially when she attempted to move him back to the vivarium.

Mel wondered if he was merely moody or possibly sick. Something seemed off. Was it her imagination, or had he somehow changed in size overnight? The following day, the situation persisted, and Mel's worry grew. She decided to take her snake to the veterinarian. There was undoubtedly something wrong with her precious baby.

The group of vets questioned her about the python's sudden change in behavior, and one of them initiated an external examination. They believed that conducting an ultrasound of the snake's belly would be the best course of action. During the procedure, one vet's furrowed brow caught Mel's attention. She felt her heart skip a beat. What were they seeing? Was it something bad?

As one vet asked Mel a series of questions about the snake, including its feeding and sleeping habits, she revealed her and Fang's nightly bonding ritual. Then, the vet showed her the ultrasound results, and Mel couldn't comprehend what she was seeing. The snake's belly was completely empty. So, what was the problem? The vet asked if Fang usually sprawled out and curled around her while she lay on the bed. Mel confirmed this

to be true.

The vet explained that Fang had deliberately stopped eating, not due to illness, but because he was preparing for a substantial meal. Snakes had the ability to consume animals much larger than themselves by unhinging their jaws. By lying beside Mel, the python had been sizing her up, practicing how he would approach his next substantial feast. Fang had been patiently waiting for the perfect moment to seize his prey—unbeknownst to Mel.

Sitting in the treatment room, Mel absorbed everything the vet had just told her. A chill ran down her spine as she realized her beloved Fang might have been preparing to devour her while she slept. The closeness she had perceived as bonding was now a horrifying revelation. Her thoughts of him watching over her during the night had turned into a terrifying truth—he had been watching and waiting for his next meal.

Still in shock, Mel returned home with her pet python and promptly placed him in his rightful place, the vivarium, far away from her bedroom, securely sealed. She still loved Fang dearly and believed snakes could make wonderful pets, but she recognized the need for increased caution and responsibility to avoid any potential danger. Perhaps her neighbors had been right all along.

Mel endured the skeptical looks and admonitions from those neighbors after sharing her near-death encounter with the python. She felt relieved to have escaped a gruesome fate. Hoping to prevent others from making the same mistake, she shared her story on social media. She wanted fellow snake lovers to learn from her experience and be more cautious about where they allowed their slithering companions. It could happen to any unsuspecting snake owner.

Mel couldn't help but wonder what she would have done if Fang had attacked her in the middle of the night. Could she have escaped? How would she have felt being attacked by her beloved pet? Owning a snake as a pet might seem fine—it's beautiful, mysterious, and fascinating. But would you be comfortable letting it sleep beside you in bed?

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