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Experience in Taking Care of Aquariums to Avoid Harmful Moss in Hot Season

Below is Ken's experience of taking care of aquariums to avoid harmful moss in the hot season. Please refer to and give further comments.

By Ken aquariumsPublished 21 days ago 3 min read

Growing moss in an aquarium is not as difficult as many people think. You can plant them on rocks or driftwood to create a natural landscape, or as a background for a pond. However, if you do not know how, it can lead to algae damage and affect the aquatic environment. To conquer this beautiful and extremely interesting plant, the secret is what you will read in the article below.

1. Causes of moss outbreaks in hot seasons and rainy seasons

The weather in the south is starting to get hot and the rainy season is also starting to change. Like every year, from

April to the end of summer is moss season. Every season, sales of cidex, excel,

carbon liquid and moss treatment products from our shop and agents nationwide

increased dizziness. The main causes of algae outbreaks in aquariums are:

– The hot season lowers the amount of oxygen in the water, affecting the microflora of most aquariums

(without chiller) are weaker, and of course affect the entire system and internal plants

lake, moss take advantage of development.

– Most aquatic plants are weaker when the water temperature is too high, and even weaker when the temperature is too high

The water heats up suddenly.

– The rainy season is when bacteria in water sources increase (water companies or

increase the amount of chlorine disinfection in the rainy season), many aquatic plants such as aphids are easily infected

bacteria. Shrimp are also susceptible to disease and death during this season, causing negative impacts on the fish

lake water.

Types of harmful moss Commonly found this season are: black bunch moss, hair moss, green slime moss, brown algae

and green water moss.

2. Advice that may be useful for those without experience:

– If the tank has a chiller (water cooler), try adding potassium, this is my experience

Our farmers to increase the resistance and endurance of plants during the changing seasons. Relative potassium

Safe for most aquariums.

– Add bacteria regularly, especially when changing water or cleaning the filter (important). Generation

Healthy microorganisms mean the tank is stable and it is very difficult to develop harmful moss.

– Feed the shrimp less, to limit excess organic matter from leftover food and fish feces, but

Don't starve your fish.

– If the tank does not have a chiller or air conditioner, try to maintain it and change the water regularly

more this season. But if the tank has too bright a light, it will ensure nutrients from water feces,

poop every time you change the water. If you continue to use tap water, remember to dechlorinate it when changing the water

to avoid affecting fish and plants.

– You can inject a light dose of excel or cidex to prevent moss damage every day. When moss germs are harmful

When it first appears in water, it is easy to kill with excel, cidex or carbon liquid.

– If moss appears, it should be treated immediately. Maybe by splashing water, cleaning with hands, fish

shrimp... or use the above preparation if required.

– Lakes that should not use chemicals to treat algae or limit: lakes with a lot of tcnt, tccb, tc 3

sensitive leaves and moss like Phung Vi Dai...

– If possible, you should release Japanese duckweed or some semi-upland plants, these plants have the advantage of taking them

carbon and nitrogen are abundant on land to absorb excess nutrients in the water, or secrete them

Extremely good anti-moss chemicals.

– Avoid pruning the entire tank suddenly, if you prune too much this season it can easily trigger

harmful moss.

– Don't be hasty in stimulating plants to grow quickly during this time, especially by fertilizing

Too much water will irritate the roots too much.

If you have any questions or need any advice, please comment here or contact directly

via my facebook

Wishing you a beautiful lake.

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