Eight Animals That Are Not Home-Friendly

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Animals you wouldn't want to cuddle up next to on the couch

Eight Animals That Are Not Home-Friendly

While many people enjoy having pets in their home, not all animals are meant for domestic purpose. There are some that should be left in the wild. These are eight animals that you do not want in your home.


Mice can spread germs and disease. Their feces can be left around the home, and this can spread illnesses. Mice come into the home to look for food and shelter. If one mouse enters the home, soon there will be many more. If mice are getting into the home, seal up all the points of entry to keep them out.


Bats are other animals that carry germs and disease. Bats often make their home in the attic, and while they may spend much of the time sleeping, this creature can still cause a lot of damage to the home. Bat feces can be toxic. If they leave their feces in the home, it can be a health risk to the humans that live there. Bats will need to be removed from the home right away. If a bat is alert during the day, they may have rabies and can infect the people living in your home as well.


The American Cockroach is a pest that is almost impossible to get rid of. Even with traps, they do not seem to die. Once there is one roach in the home, it is only a matter of time before there will be an infestation. Roaches love to eat old boxes and books, as well as other items that are left lying around the home. It is important to keep the home clean and free of clutter to keep these roaches out.


These critters can cause a lot of damage to the home. They can damage the structure of the home and they can also spread disease. If a raccoon is walking around during the day, it may have rabies and can bite someone in the home. While they may look cute from a distance, they should not be allowed in the home.


While these small critters may look cute outdoors, they do not belong in the home. They are yet another creature that can spread diseases, including rabies. When a person notices that there is a squirrel living in their home, they should contact an exterminator for relocation and they should seal-up the home right away.


When the skunk is threatened, it will release a foul smelling odor. It will spray pets and people without hesitation. This odor is very hard to get rid of. Skunks may also carry rabies, and they will bite a person or pet if they have this disease. Measures need to be taken to keep this animal out of the home and in the wild.


This creature is highly intelligent and may be similar to a dog, but they cannot be pets. They need to learn how to develop in the wild and cannot be fed the same food as other household pets. They will suffer when they are kept in the home and may have a disease that will harm their owners.

These are some animals that do not belong in the home. They may pass on the disease to humans. They also belong in the wild for their own wellbeing to survive.

Exotic Animals

Lions, tigers, and other animals should never be kept as pets. They have special needs that the household cannot meet, and they cannot be kept in captivity. They are designed to be able to wander around in nature in order to stay healthy. They cannot be confined to a small area. They will be in poor health and they can attack their own at anytime. No matter how pretty they look, they should never be confined to a household or put into a cage.

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