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Dogs were kept in small cages until they were 5 years old

Rescued from stepping on the ground for the first time, the puppy was happy.

By Rachel CaspariPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

There is a 5-year-old puppy who was recently rescued in South Korea.

Although it was 5 years old, it had been living in a cramped cage. And often can not eat food, and the puppy's body also has many wounds.

After the kind people saved it, people opened the cage hoping the puppy would come out by itself, but it was very scared.

The puppy's previous owner would often take wooden sticks and chopsticks from the gaps in the cage and poke the puppy.

And because it had never left the cage, the puppy was very unfamiliar with the outside world.

The people involved in rescuing the puppy found that the food bowl of the puppy in the cage before had food similar to kimchi.

Its owner does not buy dog food for the puppy, and often put some of their leftovers, for this dog to eat.

Previously the puppy's cage was placed in a relatively dark place for a long time, the dog also has some fear of sunlight.

The person who saved the puppy constantly reassured it, and the cage was the first to get a place with warm sunlight.

After more than half an hour of hesitation, the puppy still slowly came out of the cage. People found that because of the long life in the cage, the puppy had some injuries to its legs and the dog had obvious wounds on its paws.

The people who saved the dog found that the puppy could not stand outside for a long time, it would have no strength and fall by itself. So people brought a small basin to hold the dog inside.

The puppy was grateful to the person who rescued it from the cage, and it stretched out its paw on the person's hand, not wanting to let the person leave.

Because of the puppy's leg knee injury, people can only hold the puppy by hand, so it can barely stand for a while.

After leaving the cage, the puppy is gradually happy.

When the person lets go of the hand holding the puppy, it can stand a little by itself, but can not stand upright for a long time.

A fellow veterinarian helped clean up the puppy's hair and gave it some food. The puppy understood that the people around him were rescuing him, and the dog was so happy that he started wagging his tail.

The puppy was taken to the canine rescue center and after some tests, people found that the puppy was very lightweight because of previous malnutrition.

Also, this puppy had some premature old damage to his internal organs and his future diet needed to be made as soft as possible.

The dog got out of the cage and stepped on the ground for the first time in 5 years and he was very happy.

But the vet said he might not be able to run much in the future. The dog's knees and paws can no longer support him in movements like running and jumping.

He can walk slowly, but may not be able to play Canine Frisbee with humans as well as other dogs.

If you have a dog, do not keep it in a small cage for long periods

1. The cage can cause the dog's paws to become inflamed and may even have repeated ulceration of the wound.

2. Long-term in a small cage, the dog's athletic ability will degenerate a lot, and once the dog's knee injury, is often irreversible.

3. As far as possible, take the dog out every day to exercise, or at home every day at least let the dog have more than 4 hours can be active opportunities. A cramped cage is a pain in the neck for a dog.

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