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How big is the standard VIP?

Poodle body and proportions are perfect

By Rachel CaspariPublished 5 months ago 9 min read

Size standard poodle: shoulder height over 35cm, weight 20-32kg; mini poodle: shoulder height 25-38cm, weight 12-14kg; toy poodle: shoulder height less than 25cm, weight 7kg. as long as the ratio of a toy poodle and the mini poodle is appropriate, other As long as the Toy Poodle and Miniature Poodle are in the right proportion and the other aspects are comparable, the smaller one will be better. The proportions ensure a square shape, with the length of the body (from sternum to hip) equal to the height at the shoulder. The muscles and bone mass of the front and hind legs are in proportion to the whole.

The head is slightly rounded with a shallow and well-defined stop. The muscles and bones of the cheeks are flat. The distance from the forehead to the stop is the same as the length of the muzzle.

The ears hang on either side of the head, with the base of the ears positioned slightly below the eyes. The ears are long, wide and richly trimmed with hair. However, the hair on the ears should not be too long.

The eyes are very dark, ovoid, and far enough apart to create an alert, intelligent expression. Main defects: Eyes round, prominent, large, or light colored.

The Roscommonareareare and muzzle is long, straight, delicate, slender, with a slight indentation below the eye; strong.

The chin appears well-defined without the lips. Major flaw: lack of chin. Teeth: white, strong, clipped bite. Major defects: protruding lower jaw bite, protruding upper jaw bite, crooked mouth.

Limbs: Both fore and hind limbs are straight and well-muscled.

The foot paws are small and ovate, with upwardly arched toes and thick foot pads. The paws are not turned inward or outward. Wolf paws can be removed. Major defects: flat feet or eight-legged feet.

The tail is straight, with a high tail root position and an upturned tail. Broken tail, retaining enough length to keep the overall profile intact. Major defects: low tail root position, curled or not lifted over the back.

Cloak 1, curly: natural coarse and stiff hair, dense. 2, cloak: different lengths of hair wrapped tightly around the body. The body, head, ears and mane, and other parts of the coat are longer, with pompoms, bracelets, shorter hair at the tail ball.

The coat color is uniformly monochromatic and consistent with skin color. Including orchid, gray, silver, brown, coffee, apricot, cream, and many other colors, there are many variations of the same color.

The gait direction is kept straight, trotting, with an easy, brisk pace. Strong hindquarters drive. Head and tail are held high. Healthy, relaxed movement is important.

How big can a Poodle grow?

Unlike Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, and Huskies, Poodles are fixed in size, and even if there are genetic or nutritional deviations, there is no hierarchy in size.

Poodles are different, and the offspring of crossbreeding between VIPs and other breeds are not the same in size, coat color, and character; purebred VIPs are distinguished by size.

Giant noble - giant VIP: mainly shoulder height as the classification standard, basically giant noble are between 45cm~60cm.

Standard noble - standard body VIP: there are different sayings about standard noble FCI and AKC, the former is between 35~45cm in shoulder height, while the latter is more than 38cm in shoulder height.

Mini - Mini VIP: shoulder height between 28~35cm, the body type is more easily confused with the standard noble, but a very cute and attractive medium-sized dog.

play specific - toy VIP: dogs between 24~28cm in shoulder height, basically this kind of VIP is very commonand , teddy costumes are prevalent.

tiny - tiny body VIP: shoulder height between 21 ~ 24cm, compared to the toy slightly smaller, so the two types are not good to distinguish, this type is also more common in life.

Teacup - teacup body VIP: this type of dog is very lovable and very expensive, because it is not good to breed. And its name for being able to be placed in a teacup, a lovely baby with a shoulder height of less than 20cm.

To say that the most on the street now is to play specific VIP, relative to the standard expensive, giant expensive, they are more seem smaller, not so demanding on living space; at the same time will not be as tiny and teacup, look soft.

The owner wants to know the specific size of the VIP, it is recommended or the first to know the body type of the VIP genus. For example, my coffee-colored play-specific two-and-a-half-year-old male VIP, the current two years to maintain the weight is about 5.5KG, in the same play specific, belongs to a slightly larger skeleton, not fat and not thin physique. The dog friend's play specific is about 4.5. To add: VIP basically in 7.8 months on the type, the skeleton will not have too much change, after may slowly grow a little meat.

The Poodle is also known as the Poodle and the Curly Puppy. It is a small animal that is intelligent and loves to hunt and is particularly attractive because of its hair type. This breed of dog is now the most popular among people.


The Poodle originated in France. This dog is versatile and shows its noble demeanor in all environments. The French Poodle will retrieve birds of prey seen in the water in the wilderness. In the circus, it has many dog fans because of its striking appearance, sincere service, and positive personality. It originated from a bird-hunting dog - a long curly-haired puppy. 17th century was the poodle for the French royal ladies' favorite. Later the breed became popular among the lower classes and became popular in the 19th century. The breed then gained popularity in English-speaking countries, especially the United States. According to the American Kennel Club, this breed has one of the highest numbers of registered births per day in the United States


The Poodle is intelligent, active and good-natured, easily approachable, and a very loyal breed. In terms of the Standard Poodle, the average Standard Poodle is the healthiest of the three types. The Miniature Poodle is somewhere between the Standard and Toy Poodle in size and was the most popular with humans in the 1950s. The Toy Poodle does not have to have all the curly hair cut off for the Poodle. But be sure to trim it on time and not keep it too long.

[Breed Standard]

Poodle's appearance standards are relatively

For Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles, the standards for all indicators are the same except for height.

[Appearance, Posture and Condition]

The Poodle is a very active, elegant, and alert breed, with a perfectly proportioned body and a confident posture reflected in its athletic movement. With traditional trimming and careful grooming, the Poodle will display a noble temperament and innate uniqueness.

[Size, Proportion, Body Type]

Standard type size: over 15 inches (38 cm) tall at the shoulder. Whichever standard type Poodle is taller or smaller than 15 inches at the shoulder will be eliminated from the competition.

A well-proportioned body with a similar length between the points from the sternum to the tail and a similar height between the highest point of the shoulder and the ground is the most satisfying proportion.

The bones and muscles on both the front and hind legs should conform to the overall proportions of this dog's entire body.

[Head and expression].

The eyes are very dark and oval, with very alert eyes that form the focus of the intelligent look.

The eyes and prominent, large, or too-light eyes are the main defects.

Ears: The ears are drooping and close to the head, the root of the ear is located at a level equal to or lower than the eye, the long ear is wide and the surface is covered with thick hair. However, the ears should not be too long.

Head: The small head is rounded and slightly protruding. The bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and muscles are smooth, and the length between the occipital bone and the bridge of the nose is the same as the length of the muzzle.

Mouth and Nose: The slender muzzle is long and straight, and the lips do not droop. The eyes are slightly concave underneath. The lower jaw is neither too large nor too small, well defined, and not pointed. An unclear jaw is the main defect.

Teeth: The white teeth are strong and have a clipped bite.

Protruding lower and upper jaws and unevenly shaped teeth are serious defects.

[Neck, Backline, Torso]

The neck of the Poodle is of proportionate length, slender, and strong. It is fully capable of supporting the head, reflecting a noble and dignified quality. The fur of the throat is very soft and the neck is dense. The smooth muscles are connected to the head and shoulders.

The main defect is the ewe's neck.

From the highest point of the shoulder blade to the root of the tail is a horizontal dorsal line, not sloping or arched. There is only a very small depression behind the shoulder.


The chest of the Poodle is broad and stretched. The rib cage is elastic.

The loin is short and wide, firm, with well-proportioned muscles.

The tail is straight, positioned high, and carried upward. The length of the truncated tail is fully capable of supporting the balance of the body.

Main defects: The tail is low and curled, and is cocked too far back.


The front half of the Poodle's body is strong, with smooth, strong muscles in the shoulders. The shoulder blades are well closed and are as long as the upper part of the front legs.

The shoulders are not flat and protruding are major defects.

The forelimbs are very straight and parallel when viewed from the front. When viewed from the side, the forelimbs are located directly below the shoulder. The ankles are strong and the wolf toes have the possibility of being clipped.


The foot is slightly small and oval-shaped, with the toes arranged in a fox-like pattern. The fleshy pads on the foot are thick and strong. The toes are relatively short, but visible. The direction of the foot does not face inward and outward.

The main defects are soft and separate toes.

What is said upstairs is not exactly right. The shoulder height and length that meets the aesthetic standards of the Poodle is square. Standard type poodle: shoulder height over 38 cm, weight 9-11 kg.

Miniature Poodle: shoulder height 28-38 cm, weight 3-6 kg.

Toy type Poodle: more or less than 28 cm tall at the shoulder and weighing 2-3 kg. Currently the mainstream of domestic market breeding. Teacup Poodle: shoulder height and length of 18 cm or less, but there is no classification of Teacup Poodle in the breed certification, it is included in the toy Poodle classification. As for the price, the current market speculation is very high. Gray is better than 8000, and coffee color also to 5000 before 7 months is not good to determine the body shape.

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