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Dear Snookie.

by Terri Rosall 13 days ago in dog

A life of our dog put into words

Dear Snookie.
Photo by Matt Briney on Unsplash

Snookie came into October 9, 2005. She will be going on 16 years with us.

She was a therapy dog for our son who has ADHD. She is like the child that we never had.

Snookie is not named after the television star. She was named after her grandmother Snookcome.

Snookie has two middle. Her full name is Snookie Sam Lauren Rosall.

Our former hair dresser is were we got her from because her dog had puppies and Snookie was a Christmas present to our son.

Snookie is has protected this family keeping that squirrels away from the house. She loves to chase them in our old backyard.

She has had a few run in with wild turkeys also.

She loves to have her tummy rubbed and dog treats also.

Snookie is not dog she knows when you are feeling down in the dumps. She has her own special TLC that she will give you.

The age is catching up. She is always still at the door waiting to see how you day was. She will let you know when her food or water bowl is empty with just one look on her face.

You better not in be her spot on the bed. She will let you know that you are not in the right space.

She is cute and funny at the same time.

Being with us for almost 16 years this coming October we think she is talking to us. I guess when you have a pet for the long of time they do talk to you.

Her haircut she looks like a little white lion. Everyone tells us all the time. Yes she does have clothes that they wear on special holiday and PJ's that she wearing to sleep in when it is cold.

They will ask where is Snookie if we are walking without. Usually she is at home taking her nap we would say.

She made that move with us to Florida 6 years ago. She made sure that we have for stuff packed and that was on the boxes that was unpacked so soon as we got into the house.

Snookie loves the dog park and golf cart ride to the park to meet and greet new dogs at the park. She has a special group that she hangs out with.

She has many special friends that she will walk around the block every morning. She is like the queen of the group. She is the was one of the first dog to moved into the neighborhood. She knows which neighbors who have a good treats and which dogs not to go by. So she is the queen.

We know that our heart will break apart when she goes over the rainbow bridge. She is a very big part of this family of 3.

We know that she will be the last dog that we will have because we are getting older ourselves.

Oh Snookie time with you is has been great and still is great. We love you with all our heart and souls. You have have been the greatest dog and still are greatest dog to We just had to let the world to know you. We hope that will know just how special you are to us in this Dear Snookie story.

We know that pets are special to people and we just want the world to know this.

You have shown us love in many difference ways. We were sad you had a special way to make us feel better.

Love you always to the end of your life. You are one happy dog to have in our lives.

Terri Rosall
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