Dealing with the Loss of Your Dog

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In this story I have shared with you some ways you can cope with the grief of loosing your dog.

Dealing with the Loss of Your Dog

Most dog lovers see their animals as a member of the family, someone to bring them joy, make them laugh, and quite possibly as a major stress reliever.

Although it might be misunderstood by people who have never had a dog, the loss of your best friend by natural causes or by an accident may turn you and your family's world upside down. You will feel very bad when you lose your dog because of any small thing, like not giving pure water to the dog. This mistake could have been easily avoided by giving pure water which is purified by a good water purifier. Especially now-a-days, you can get a decent water purifier at very resonable price.

The emotions may be in line with those felt by someone losing a human family member, but with a lot less support from those around you.

How do you cope when this furry member of your family dies?

As with all sad things which come to pass in your life, there is a grieving process, and this very closely relates to the loss of an animal.

At first you may experience extreme sadness because after all, most dog lovers have a very special relationship with their animal. They are a part of your everyday lives, and it may feel like a big part of your home is missing when you expect the canine to be around the house and he is no longer there.

You've probably heard before that "time heals all wounds" and there is no greater truth than when you lose a pet dog. You can't will yourself to feel better, less depressed or happy because it will take quite a while for most people.

The best you can do for yourself and your family is to try to remember the animal fondly and to keep yourself busy.

Keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to cope with situations like this. In the book How to stop worrying and start living, Dale Carnegie has rated it one of the best ways to deal with worrying situations.

It is helpful when you have children to spend time talking about what a great dog your pet was, and perhaps make a special scrapbook honoring how much the animal brought to each of your lives.

Some people have a designated place in their homes, such as a shelf, where precious pictures of the dog and his favorite things are displayed. Many pet stores have special memorial items that can be purchased to celebrate the dog.

If you are still having a hard time dealing with the loss, many local humane societies have pet loss support groups that meet weekly or monthly. There are certified people who can help guide you through this difficult time and give you tips on how to overcome the emotions that you are feeling.

Sometimes this is a very helpful activity because you are with other people that are experiencing the same things that you are. When other people in your life may not be understanding, you are sure to get the support you need from other group members.

The loss of a dog is an extremely traumatic life event to the people that love and miss them. Each person deals with the sadness differently and all forms of grief should be honored in a legitimate way.

The best thing you can do in this time period is to find your own unique way to honor your beloved pet, deal with the individual grief of each family member the best way you can and celebrate the life of your animal.

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