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Curiosity: 8 Cool Raccoon Facts

by Heather Whitney about a month ago in wild animals
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Raccoons are those furry creatures with black masks that you often see rummaging through your garbage cans. But there's a lot more to these animals than meets the eye.

Here are 8 cool facts about raccoons that may just pique your curiosity.

Cool Fact #1

Raccoons have been around for 40,000 years. They're considered one of the oldest mammals in North America, and they've adapted to a lot of change over that time. One thing that's stayed the same, though, is their love of food. Raccoons are notorious for being skilled scavengers; they'll eat anything they can find.

And while some people might see them as pests, I think they're amazing creatures. They're so adaptable and resourceful - just like humans!

Cool Fact #2

Raccoons are among the most adaptable animals on the planet! They have migrated north for centuries in search of new environments to live in. They can now be found as far north as Alaska!

These little guys are extremely resourceful and have learned to survive in even the most hostile environments. They make nests out of whatever materials they can find, eat a variety of foods, and stay warm by wearing thick fur coats.

Raccoons, despite their small size, are extremely powerful animals that can be quite aggressive when necessary. They are also very curious and will investigate anything that appears unusual or interesting.

Cool Fact #3

Raccoons adore living in the city! They enjoy the hustle and bustle, and there are always new things to discover. Indeed, there are now 20 times as many raccoons in cities as there were 70 years ago.

Of course, there will be a lot of competition for food and shelter with so many new raccoons. But that only adds to the adventure for these daring creatures. Every day, they wander around looking for the best places to eat and play.

Some may believe that all of this new construction is too noisy or too crowded for raccoons, but they couldn't be more wrong. Raccoons thrive on excitement and adventure, and they wouldn't have it any other way!

Cool Fact #4

Raccoons are among the most adaptable animals on the planet. They are ideal for city living because they are small, have sensitive hands, and can eat almost anything. Raccoons are now considered pests in many cities because they frequently steal food from people or pets.

Despite their bad reputation, raccoons are actually very friendly creatures who enjoy playing with their friends and family. They also have a great sense of humor and enjoy making others laugh. Raccoons are small, but they are not to be underestimated!

Cool Fact #5

Raccoons are unique in that they have nerves in their hands that are similar to taste buds. This means they can use their hands to feel the texture and flavor of food and send this information directly to their brains. As a result, they are extremely skilled at foraging for food, as they can determine what is safe to eat simply by feeling it.

Raccoons, interestingly, can use their sense of taste to "taste" things that aren't food. They can tell whether something is dangerous or not by licking it, for example. This means that they can be extremely cautious when foraging for food because they can detect poisoning.

Cool Fact #6

It's no secret that Toronto is the world's raccoon capital. There are 50 times more raccoons there than in the surrounding countryside. But many people are unaware of why.

Some experts believe it is due to Toronto's abundance of green space – there are numerous parks and gardens where raccoons can find food. Others claim it's because of the city's climate – raccoons thrive in cold temperatures.

But one thing is certain: Torontonians adore their furry little friends! Raccoons are so common in the city that most people don't even notice them anymore. In fact, some people have begun feeding them and naming them!

Cool Fact #7

Raccoons are intelligent animals. They're also inquisitive and playful, which leads to them getting into mischief. They are, however, survivors, and they always find a way to make the best of a bad situation.

Raccoon territories in the city are typically three square blocks in size. They prefer backyards to parks because there is more food in the yards. Raccoons, being intelligent creatures, quickly learn which houses have the best food sources.

Cool Fact #8

Raccoons are a common sight in the city. They are frequently observed raiding trash cans or scampering up trees. Few people realize, however, that raccoons can be extremely resourceful animals.

Raccoons can use up to 20 den sites at once, ranging from sheds to sewers. They're also very adaptable, as they can live in both rural and urban settings.

Raccoons are powerful animals despite their small size. They are capable of opening jars, climbing trees, and swimming. Raccoons are also extremely intelligent, with the ability to solve puzzles and remember complex tasks.


Raccoons are among the most inquisitive animals on the planet. They're always up for exploring and learning new things, which is probably why they've thrived in such a diverse range of habitats. Raccoons will undoubtedly remain one of our favorite animals due to their intelligence and adaptability.

Do you know any interesting facts about raccoons that we didn't cover? Tell us in the comments!

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