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Can Dogs and Cats Live Together..?

Dog Behavior: Cats! Together..? A story of a Love/Hate Relationship

By Chance JamesPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Soxton is woke up by the cuddles of Journey looking to wake up Dad for a morning meal

It's a Dog Eat Cat World...

Dog and Cats living together?

Throughout the evolution of man, Cats and Dogs have lived together through the influence of our own domestication. They look uo to us for nourishment, guidance, and affection.

Dogs and Cats are in the bible, annals of time, engraved in the walls of history, and now, in the homes of millions and millions. There are hundreds of breeds of Cats and Dogs, but there is no secret as to whether they'll get along.

Cats and Dogs share a unique relationship that varies from pet to pet. There's no saying who's going to like who, but it is proven that it can work. Just like people, to each his own, but with a positive and direct introduction, a lasting relationship is easy to attain.

Living Together:

Some of you may have, or know friends that own both Cats and Dogs, and surprisingly, neither one has eaten the other. Dogs and Cats are Very capable of living harmoniously together in any environment.

They respond to their owners, become a part of their owners daily habits, and even start acting like their owners. If their owner loves both species, chances are they will too.

What's the secret?

My entire life I have lived with numerous pets and at any given time, I have owned a number of cats and dogs living under the same roof, at the same time. I have seen the relationships that Cats and Dogs develop through their lives, and the harmony and antics that make it so fun to own them side by side.

I have witnessed the encounters of strange dogs meeting cats, and cats meeting other dogs that come into the house. And I've grown to cherish the necessary relationships cats and dogs form with each other.

There is no secret how to make your cat get along with a dog or vice versa. From my own life experience, cats and dogs are simply just like people. I know a lot of cat people - and I know a lot of Dog people. They are the way they are just because they are.

It doesn't matter what the breed is, what their size is, or what their age is. it simply comes down to --> do they like each other? --> it's as simple as that. Some dogs like cats, some cats like dogs by nature. You can't train them, you can't tell them, period.

But once your cat or dog likes the other, they will have the same desire to be around them too.

So how do you make them get along?

If they meet up in a daily routine - who knows? But I DO KNOW that any Cat or Dog that are introduced as a puppy and a kitten WILL get along.

So, I guess I would say the secret would be how you start the relationship.

It is necessary to start with two youthful siblings just starting out and learning how this thing called 'Life', works. Then after you have this amiable relationship established, any new addition to the furry family will simply adapt to the relationships hierarchy already in place - and you're set for life!

Introduce Cats and Dogs while they are young and you'll have happy animals!

Below is a Funny Cat and Dog Video that captures the love and tolerance between a Feline and a Mutt.

My Dog, Soxton, is an only dog. He sleeps in the bed and brings me his bowl when he's hungry - so I pretty much get that thing dropped at my feet all the time. He's the Dog of the house, taking care of us two, my wife and I.

Sox lives with 5 cats, who honestly, are in charge of the place. Soxton is also younger than 4 of the cats, so the cat's took turns 'raising' the dog. So when see Sox lying on the back rest of the sofa while we're watching TV, it's because those habits were acquired from the cats.

He's 80 pounds, by the way. I'm just glad he didn't learn the whole going in the kitty litter thing.

Buddy Boy is Sox's best friend. He is also the 'King' Kitty of our house. His place is on top of the refrigerator looking down on us. He's also the bed sleeper, waker upper in the morning kinda guy.

--> Sox needs Buddy, Buddy need Sox.

Here's a little video of a daily routine I shot awhile ago. The endearing moments of a Cat and a Dog. An example of a dog and a cat who Truly love each other, and put up with each other everyday!

My Dog Loves My Cat!

Dog Gives Cat a Hard Time - Who's the TOLERANT One..?

For those who don't understand the intricate, yet loving relationship between domestic dogs and cats - It's There!

Have Fun Everyone!


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