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By Ashcraz McKayPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Sleeping calico cat, named Jingles.

Do you have a calico? Is she crazy? Is she mean? I have a calico cat, myself. She can be quite crazy. Her name is Jingles, and she is three years old. I had her since she was about two months old. Little background, I got her on my 16th birthday. I received this amazing gift from my sister. For the first two months of Jingles' life, she was a barn kitten. Ever since she been with me, she has been a indoor cat only.

So is the saying true about calicoes being crazy or hard to handle? In my experience, I would have to say no. Jingles is not really hard to handle, but to some people she is. It just may be because we both act similar in some ways. For an example, we both act crazy. For two, we both are not very clinging, only at night. Is Jingles mean? No, definitely not. She is nice. As long as you don't get her upset, at least. To be completely honest, Jingles is actually the type that if people come over to the house, she will hide. I believe she is a sweetheart.

What do they dislike? Dislikes that Jingles has is water, the vacuum cleaner, and getting her nails done. If you think about it, that is almost like all other cats too. So calicoes are not much different than any other cats. Then again, I am only telling you what I know from my experience with Jingles. Do I ever regret getting a calico? Most definitely not! I love calicoes, from their personality to their amazing colorful fur. I'm so ready to get another calico.

Calicoes can be nice and sweet, but also dirty and disruptive. You must understand that strongly depends how they get treated. If they are strays, most likely they will be completely wild. If you have a kitten born at a house and raised with a nice family, most likely it will be more behaved. For some reason, I have a feeling that calicoes have more of a protective side then other cats. For instance, when another cat comes in play, Jingles tries to scare it away from me. Also, Jingles used to hiss at people when they walked by our house.

Should you give your calico catnip? Umm. OK, for starters this is a tricky question because it depends on the cat. For Jingles, it made her crazy, run back and forth down the whole apartment. Then at the very end she gets very loopy and falling over. I love watching her, it is so funny. Oh, did I mention that was only like two little leaves? So, yeah, catnip and calico may not be the best idea.

What colors can calicoes be? Most common colors you see in a calico are black, brown, and white. You may see some tan or reddish color in some cats. Jingles has some orange tabby on her one leg. Jingles is more black than any other color. As for her sister that was born in the same litter, she was mostly white with some spots. So overall, calicoes are not too crazy, not mean, and like to keep to themselves.

Some tips with calicoes (some things I learned from Jingles):

  1. Don't snuggle with them too much (let go when they want).
  2. Have help when doing nails.
  3. Have help when giving a bath.
  4. Give attention when they ask (or she will meow, meow, and meow).
  5. When they stare, stare back, and see who wins.
  6. If their eyes go completely black, you better be running or she's playful.
  7. When you go to the restroom, make sure door is closed.
  8. If she comes and snuggles, enjoy it, but don't touch belly.
  9. When playing, feathers and string are their best friends.
  10. Just love your calico as much as they want to eat you.

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Ashcraz McKay

Hello I'm 18 years old. I am a cat owner and a photographer.

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