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Brain Training For Dogs Review (2021): Is it DogFever Approved?

by Ari Rivera 7 months ago in training
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Not too long ago, we adopted Luca, a stunning Lil Bernedoodle puppy full of energy and enthusiasm. So how did we find out? Well, we woke up to find ourselves on pee and poop immediately after falling on it. So today, I'll present you the following program that transformed my life, and I feel compelled to share it with everyone.

We adopted a gorgeous Lil Bernedoodle puppy named Luca a few months ago, and this adorable baby turned out to be full of activity and playfulness. But, unfortunately, it caused us several troubles, the most serious of which was falling on pee and stepping on poop shortly after waking up.

We've been trying to keep up with his behavior since he was a newborn, but as Luca grew older, our neighbors began to complain about his whining and barking, prompting us to seek a solution. However, as protective parents, we refused to seek aid from local dog trainers. So we did what any average person would do and went online to hunt for answers.

After much searching, we found this program, and we're pleased we did. Since starting the training, it has genuinely helped us train our Bernedoodle and strengthen our relationship and love for him.

So, if you're anything like us, you came upon this Brain Training for Dogs program while looking for ways to train your pet. And you want to be sure that this program isn't junk, dangerous, or outdated? If that's the case, you've come to the correct spot because I'll go over everything about it in depth so that you can decide whether or not to acquire it for your dog.

Let's Talk About the Author

Before purchasing any course, we needed to learn about the author, as the sole disadvantage of seeking a solution online is running into many scammers. Adrienne Farricelli is the training program creator, and her strong credentials had almost persuaded us that the information in this course would be half-decent.

She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed, a complicated accreditation to achieve. She's been working with dogs for 15 years. Adrienne started working with dogs in 2006, and she currently runs a cage-free boarding and training facility.

She also trains service dogs for military veterans and assists hundreds of dog owners worldwide. She is also an eager writer, having contributed to online sites such as eHow, Daily Puppy, and PawNation and got published in USA Today and Every Dog magazine. This information was sufficient for us to proceed with the program, but you may learn more about her if you delve a little deeper.

How Does Dog Brain Training Work?

Adrienne Farricelli defined this course as "growing your dog's hidden intelligence." And the reason this method is beneficial is due to its force-free pattern and positive reinforcement since we came across other programs that were based on punishment or teaching you how to dominate your dog while searching for a solution online. But, of course, no one should do that because we don't need to be harsh on our cute dogs, and those approaches are ineffective in the first place. If you want to know about another method, we came across during our research and why it is NOT DogFever approved, check out our post here.

The concept behind this Brain Training for Dogs is that, like a human's brain, a dog's brain can change and shape to acquire new behaviors at any time. In addition, this program gives mental stimulation, which helps the dog's mind grow and develop. Furthermore, this science-based technique will assist you in forming a powerful bond with your furry friend. Because you and your dog have such a close link and trust, your dog will gladly obey your command. In addition, it employs a series of 21 entertaining games to keep your dog's mind occupied.

We were a little hesitant about this course even after learning about Adrienne Farricelli since we didn't want our little bundle of joy to have any additional behavioral challenges. However, after learning more about how this program operates, we decided to purchase this course.

What's on the Inside?

This course's format appealed to us because it is broken into seven modules and presented as if you were in a classroom. All of the material is clear and straightforward, and you will be able to comprehend what to do, thanks to videos and tutorials. On the other hand, we might claim that the material contained in this course required time and effort because even though the activities were easy, they appeared to work just as one would expect.

The best part about this program is that they don't presume your dog already knows how to behave; instead, they start from scratch. But, if you don't want to or if your dog already has basic training (which wasn't the case with us, so we went through the levels in order), you don't have to. Your dog will master the most fundamental skills in the first level, and the courses in subsequent modules will become increasingly difficult as you progress. So, let's take a quick look at what we discovered at each level, shall we?

Preschool-Module 1

Even though I previously stated that you do not need to follow the levels if your dog already has basic training, I strongly advise you to begin here. As a real preschool, this will serve as a foundation for the rest of the activities.

This session will teach you how to encourage your dog to focus on you no matter what is happening around him. By the end of this module, you'll be able to hold your dog's attention and, with the help of targeting, you'll be able to get them to focus on something else. For example, our dog looked into our eyes and paid attention to us when playing games like "target train," "magic little way," and "airplane game."

Elementary-School Module 2

After your dog has mastered the basics, you can move on to the second module, where they will learn to obey your commands. The activities in this module, such as "treasure hunt," "bail pit," and "muffin game," will ensure that you and your dog have a good time. These games will help you control your dog's activity while also providing exercise and entertainment. Adrienne recommends using high-value goodies if you're having trouble motivating your dog.

Senior High School-Module 3

This lesson is pretty interesting as your dog will learn how to calm down and gain self-control as elementary school progresses to high school. It also teaches the fundamentals of scent work, which is entertaining.

This level includes games such as "bobbing for treats," "jazz up and settle down," which teaches your dog how to relax after being stimulated, and "the bottle game," which provides cerebral stimulation while also providing some activity.

College-Module 4

Things start to get fascinating from here! Sorry, we are genuinely excited about the progress, and we've noticed many changes in our dog by this point, and Luca appears to be a lot happier than he used to be. Now and again, we go over the activities from prior modules again.

This lesson teaches your dog to focus on your command while emphasizing patience and tranquility. "The magic carpet game," "the shell game," and "the open sesame game" are among the games offered at this level.

University-Module 5

This module presented complex concepts; we enjoyed the hide and seek game since it was amazing to watch how my dog used his smartness to strengthen our bond with him during the game. Aside from hide and seek, there was "look at that game" to aid with barking and "hot and cold game" to help your dog gain confidence.

Graduation-Module 6

Our doggo's improvement was clear by this point, and witnessing how he used his knowledge was astounding. By this point, we'd started bragging about how excellent and trained our dog was, and neighbors who had previously complained were suddenly shocked. Take that, Karen! It began to feel like he understood what we were trying to tell him. This module included activities that kept him glued to our side, and you won't believe it when I tell you that Luca started picking toys based on their names.

Einstein's-Module 7

We started to feel like proud parents as we approached the last stage. Our dog had progressed to the point where he was a genius. After he finished playing, he was able to tidy up his toys.

The exercises in this module were much fun, and my friends couldn't believe he was playing the piano until they saw it for themselves. You're probably thinking the same thing, but that's what this play the piano game was all about. This module took a long time to complete because it was advanced, but you can skip it if you prefer.

Aside from this course, there is still a lot more!

Seven training videos with a twist: It will teach your dog to bow, close their eyes, pretend dead, dance, shake hands, howl, and rollover.

Obedience 101 Training taught us how to use food as a good motivator. There were also essential tactics for necessary obedience orders. We recommend beginning with this and then moving on to the main course.

Polishing up your training: As the name implies, this one assists you in polishing up your training sessions and learning how to keep your dog's attention with or without food rewards.

Adrienne's Achieve: Adrienne has authored several training articles that might be very useful in helping you train your dog correctly.

A private forum: If you're having trouble teaching your dog, you may connect with other members here and ask questions.

Let's talk money; How much is it?

This course will not burn a hole in your pocket because you will get access to all of this content for only $47, which is significantly less than the prices charged by local dog trainers or consultants. Between us, the price was another reason I bought the course in the first place.

They also provide a free supplementary course called "behavior training for dogs," which will assist you in understanding the most prevalent canine behavior issues. Plus, if you're still not convinced, you can try their 60-day risk-free trial, which, in my opinion, is not something you should pass up if you're having trouble with your dog.

Pros; Yes, there are more good things about this training!

  • It's simple to read and understand with many graphics and video demonstrations.
  • Affordable
  • You can ask Adrienne questions directly through their support system.
  • Methods that do not rely on force.
  • They provide money-back assurances.
  • Cons; Based on my experience, I didn't get many.

    • There's a lot to read, and if you don't read often, it could seem overwhelming.
    • It will necessitate the purchase of some supplies, but most of them, you probably have at home.

    The Final Word; Is This Training DogFever Approved?

    Absolutely! For us, it's more than a training program; it not only helped us comprehend our dog's behavior but also helped us discover Luca's underlying intelligence. Of course, he doesn't behave like an angel after this program, but it's as if we've reached a deep understanding. Now we don't have to worry about slipping over urine or feces as soon as we wake up. There are no complaints from the neighbors, who instead stop by to touch him. Unfortunately, things didn't always go as planned, and we had to rely on the private forum and a great deal of patience when we were stuck. But the progress we witnessed in our dog was incredible, and we are confident that if you have a behavioral issue with your pet, this program can undoubtedly assist you.

    If you found our review helpful, don't hesitate any longer! Take action and turn your dog's life around by getting Brain Training For Dogs below.

    Start Training Today!

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