Beware of Dogs

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Beware of Dogs

Whether they are playful pets or fierce warriors, dogs have never left man's side. Since the beginning of civilization, dogs have always been trustworthy and loyal companions of mankind. With their kind, gentle spirits and great strengths, they have been a great help to people of all nations and tongues. They deserve to be well-taken care of, because of how much they take care of humankind. Dogs are very impressive creatures that, in spite of the responsibilities of taking care of them, one cannot overlook the fun adventures and the new perspective of life that comes along with them.

To begin with, there are many basic things that an owner is responsible for when it comes to their dog, but how well it turns out depends wholly upon the dogs' personalities. Their varying personalities will either lighten the burdens of their owners or put more weight on them. For example, when it comes to feeding time, the owner must find good, healthy food for their dog, and not only that, the owner must also make sure that their dog likes the food. If the dog does not like the food, they will not eat it. If they do like the food, congratulations to the owner because now they have a mess to clean up. Speaking of, cleaning can be either an easy task or a hard one, depending on the dog's mood. If the dog is happy, they are most likely to become careless, meaning that they are much more likely to make big messes. If the dog is tired or apathetic, they will make small, neat messes, meaning that the owner will not have to stress themselves worrying about messes here or there, because it will all be in one place, sometimes on the dog itself. A situation like that calls for bathing time. Bathing can be either the most fun or the most stressful thing an owner could ever do when they have a dog. It all depends on their size. If the dog is big, it is bound to be stressful; but if the dog is small or medium, it will, most likely, be the most fun part of the owner's day.

Speaking of fun, there are so many activities and adventures that an owner can do with their dog in their free time. Walks and runs, for one, are the most popular activity. Of course, it is necessary for a dog to get exercise, but it can be a whole lot of fun for the owner, as well. For example, they can take advantage of the situation and explore different parts of their neighborhood or even the woods behind their backyard. If their dog is still feeling restless after that, toys are the perfect way to keep them occupied. Dogs tend to prefer toys that they can chew on, which is, literally, every toy ever made. They may not even look at the toys that their owner buys for them and instead will go for the owner's kids' dolls, teddy bears, and action figures. Any object they find lying around that can fit in their mouth, will go in their mouth. When the owner and their kids become tired of this, another way to occupy their dog is cuddling. Whether it is kissing, petting, or simply lying down beside them, dogs feel the most comfortable in those moments. They love it when they get that kind of attention because it shows them that they are loved and cannot ever be replaced. Dogs tend to leave a permanent mark on their owner's heart, which is why their owner's perspective of life and love changes from what they thought they knew.

Bringing a dog into a home and adding it to the family will, without a doubt, change the perspectives of those in that family. They will realize that the love that dogs have for people is unconditional and unlimited unless the dogs themselves have been mistreated in some way. If the dog's owner ever feels alone in the world and feels that nobody cares or loves them, they will find solace when cuddling with their dog. Dogs can act as healers and stabilize their owner's emotions simply by being held by them. Dogs will never leave their owner's side unless they are forced. They have a loyalty that is unparalleled throughout all other creatures on earth. Even if they run away from time to time, they will always find their way back home unless they have no sense of direction or is kidnapped. They are the best friend the owner will ever have. They are also the best heroes that mankind could ever ask for. Whether it is in a war zone as part of the military or back at home as a service dog, dogs will always serve and protect their owners, even at the cost of their own life.

All things considered, having a dog can be rough, because of all the responsibilities; but it can also be a really fun adventure with the change of perspective that comes along with it. Dogs are one of the most loved animals on earth for many good reasons. They are kind, selfless creatures that will, literally, run through fire in order to save people, which has happened many times. They can be trained to work as service animals to people with varying disabilities. Dogs are the most precious and impressive animals on earth. They are like guardian angels for mankind waiting for mankind to become guardian angels for them.

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