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Best Pet Hair Resistant Curtains

Does Pet Hair Resistant Curtain Exist?

By Mercy SaturdayPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Almost every home has a pet that is loved and seen as a member of the family but these animals do have fur and they tend to stick to different places and parts of the house and one of that places is the curtain.

If you are a pet owner you will understand how annoying it is to see furs all over your curtains and you wonder how you can make this stop.

Pets love to play around the curtain and that is something you can stop especially cats, cats won’t just play around your curtains but also scratch and climb them getting even more furs on the curtain and possibly damaging the curtain.

For this reason, you should go for curtains that are pet hair resistant meaning curtains that don’t allow your pet hair to stick on them and discourage your cat from scratching them.

What Are The Best Pet Hair Resistant Curtains?


One of the greatest materials for a home with any kind of pet, including cats, is microfiber. It is regarded as a low-pile fabric, which denotes that its surface is very short or sheared down.

Since there is less material to trap scents in the first place, low-pile fabrics work best for odour prevention. That’s fantastic for cats, and it’s also advantageous for households with other pets or small children.

More importantly, they are frequently made of densely woven material, which makes them nearly claw-proof and easy to clean.

Cats may quickly ruin most curtains because their claws can readily slip between the fabric’s threads, and you already know what happens when that happens.

Part of what makes scratching enjoyable to cats in the first place is their ability to grasp materials. There is a reason why cats prefer to scratch furniture like couches and draperies over smooth surfaces like tile floors or walls.

Scratching on materials with densely woven fibres, like microfiber, is less pleasurable because cats find it harder to fully sink their claws in.

The idea is that these cats will eventually move on to scratching something else, like a scratching post.

To top it all off, microfiber is inexpensive, simple to clean, and remarkably stain resistant. Overall, microfiber is a solid choice, and our list includes a number of curtains made from this robust and adaptable material.

Part of what makes scratching enjoyable to cats in the first place is their ability to grasp materials. There is a reason why cats prefer to scratch furniture like couches and draperies over smooth surfaces like tile floors or walls.


Another densely woven, low-pile fabric that works well in homes with cats is velvet. It may draw a little more hair than microfiber, but it is still resistant to stains and claws.

Velvet also has a classy appearance that begs to be associated with royalty. Velvet also has a thicker, heavier appearance that may be better at hiding the sun than other materials and can give your room a more formal aspect.

Both natural and synthetic velvet are available, and while the former may require some maintenance, they are still excellent for cat-proof curtains.


This robust fabric is made from solution-dried acrylic. Although it is frequently linked with outdoor furniture, more couches and drapes are being created from this hardy material.

Although Sunbrella acrylic fabric is frequently used for outdoor furniture, it can also be used indoors and it will still look beautiful. For parents or pet owners sunmbrella is the best choice as it is soft and also hair resistant to top it all it is easy to clean.

Additionally, the cloth is tightly woven so that cat claws won’t prick it and the cat won’t find it intriguing to scratch.

This robust fabric could be a bit much for certain rooms, but if you require almost bombproof curtains or are dealing with a hybrid room like a mudroom, it’s ideal.

Synthetic Materials

With the exception of leather, synthetic materials are typically better than natural ones. High levels of polyester and acrylic are ideal if you want pet-friendly clothing, and other materials like nylon are also a smart choice.

They hold up well to life’s normal wear and tear and are excellent at removing dirt and stains. It’s crucial to follow the cleaning recommendations.

An over-the-counter carpet cleaner can be used to clean the majority of synthetic fabrics. Additionally, a particular fabric cleaning also works.

These fabrics may be cleaned with a moist cloth and are strong materials. Pet sponges and microfibre cloths can also be used to remove pet hair. On synthetic textiles, tape or lint brushes should be effective.

Synthetic fibres don’t have great aesthetic appeal, but you’re searching for a dog-proof fabric, which doesn’t always equate to great aesthetic appeal.

However, the cloth is dog-proof and will work well, making washing as simple as can be! Cats aren’t particularly fond of scratching synthetic fibres,


Even though canvas doesn’t have the same opulent feel as velvet or even microfiber, this hardy material might be a wonderful option for cat-proof curtains.

Like our other options, canvas has a tight weave and no loops for cats to grab onto, so it can work to deter cats.

Does Pet Hair Resistant Curtain Exist?

Yes, they are curtains available in different styles and colours that are pet hair resistant, they come in different colours, fabrics, and patterns which means you have a large range to choose from.

You just need to know which ones are this pet resistant that you can use in your house to avoid cleaning your curtains too frequently cause you are trying to get rid of furs from them.

These curtains will save you the stress of yelling or calling out your pet names when you see them going close or climbing your curtain which is why they are must-haves in the house except if you are someone who doesn’t love having pets in your house.


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