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Beat The Bull

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By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Santo Spirito Bues

I work from home for an extremely excellent company, and that means I listen to a lot of music when I work. One of Vocal’s recent challenges was a short fiction about a raging bull, so in this I will include a scenario with my thoughts on bullfighting and similar “sports”. Killing animals for pleasure or fun is totally out of order in my opinion. If an animal, like say a fox, is threatening or killing domestic livestock it should be killed as humanely as possible , the same goes for all vermin.

Foxhunting is abhorrent , and could easily be replaced by drag hunting or some equivalent , there is no need to tear an animal apart when it is finally cornered.

Bull Fighting is even worse, essentially it’s taunting the bull and then killing it with swords or whatever weapons the perpetrator has.

This was brought to my attention because I was listening to the excellent “Santo Spirito Blues” by Chris Rea yesterday , and Chris Rea puts together some very impressive album packages , I’ve included a video of my appreciation of his work (the “Blue Guitars” is 11 albums of blues styles self composed and produced in around eighteen months), back onto the start of the sentence “Santo Spirito Blues” consists of three CDs and two films , one of the films is “Bull Fighting” and in also includes the soundtrack album , which combines with the Vocal “Raging Bull” Challenge plus some ideas from Michael Moorcock’s “Runestaff” series to inspire my short story with encouragement from my Muse.

“Beat The Bull”

What if we were to play with skill , and not to hurt. Bulls are powerful animals and capable of killing anything that gets in their way. They have power and horns , but their horns are probably the least of your worries.

A team of men in an arena are capable of working up the bull into a frenzy and dispatching it with swords, a team of toreadors and matadors become complicit in the premeditated murder of the bull.

But what if the task were different?

What if it was this

Bells and ribbons are tied to the horns and tail and maybe hooves of the bull., and parts of the bull are targets to be “stickered” for points.

A team of toreadors and matadors must now sticker the bull , while attempting to retrieve the bells and ribbons , maybe to give to their friends, children and lovers. Don’t get me wrong , this is probably far more dangerous than trying to kill the bull, but also carrying far more kudos , and making the participants and protagonists far more impressive to their audience and fans.

The bull therefore can be let go and returned for more games like this , and the bull may become more skilled in defying his opponents , requiring them to ramp up their skill set as well.

What would this new sport be called , the “Beat The Bull” is just a phrase I came up with to hang it under but this sport may already exist in one form or another , “Bull Belling” may be an option.

While I suggested retrieving items from the Bull , contestants could also be tasked with hanging items on the bull. You would still need the flag waving to ensure the bull wasn’t docile, otherwise the entertainment would disappear.

All animals deserve to be treated well , not killed for human pleasure or sport. We are still and omnivorous society so unfortunately animals are still bred and killed for food, but as I age I become more and more vegetarian and vegan because I think “Is It Right that an animal should be killed to satisfy my hunger?”

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